Charging-as-a-service – What customers expect from charging

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The switch to electric vehicles is happening at full speed and poses several challenges to customers as well as car manufacturers. One of the integral parts in the transition is the change from the process of refueling an ICE to the process of charging an EV, and the related customer experience. In order to enhance customers’ charging experience, charging needs to be – fast, efficient, convenient and sustainable.

Over the past years, Capgemini Invent has closely observed the electric vehicle market and frequently analyzed recent trends – both on supply and demand side.

Within our publication series around Charging-as-a-service, we will outline customer expectations in the context of charging in several markets. In this study, we discuss key fields of action to enhance the customer charging experience, focusing on the German market. In the end, this article highlights levers to potentially differentiate as a car manufacturer.

Based on our four key dimensions, charging needs to be:

Fast: Provide increasingly fast charging solutions and adopt charging speed per use case (e.g., home vs. highway charging) to ensure product-customer (market)-fit while considering costs, integration effort and technical performance.

Efficient: Turn major charging pain points related to waiting time into an exciting customer experience by offering dedicated entertainment and on-site amenity solutions and at the same time realizing new revenue potentials.

Convenient: Improve the charging process by leveraging trends towards convenience in charging and payment solutions to increase transparency and create differentiating products as key aspect of future offerings.

Sustainable: Provide sustainable offerings that integrate and combine relevant aspects of eMobility as well as charging contracts with green energy to enable real sustainability and generate a differentiation potential.

Only the provision of customer-centric solutions and services that put first-hand customer expectations at the heart of development and operations will and can prevail, to lay the foundation for the subsequent success of current and aspiring players in the eMobility ecosystem – OEMs, MSPs, CPOs, energy providers, service, and software providers or any other player that is or wants to play an active role.

In a later version we will extend our customer insights towards further markets as Europe, China, and North America – stay tuned!

Thanks to the co-authors Christian Hummel, Simon Schäfer, Philipp Kolbeck and Carolin Dötsch.


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