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How to sell cars and services online

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Automotive OEMs are challenged by innovative third-party players from outside the industry, who are offering platforms to buy cars, parts and services directly online. To enrich customer touchpoints, OEMs need to offer own eCommerce solutions with appealing user experience and flexible IT integration.

The automotive industry is being disrupted by several global trends. One of them is the appearance of eCommerce channels, dominated and shaped by third party players from outside the industry.

Customers are willing to buy online to a certain extent – if several conditions are met.
Today, new players are entering the market, while new technologies and increasing customer requirements significantly and sustainably change the global automotive landscape. Designing a new experience starts with a deep understanding of customers’ wants and needs as well as the consideration of their changing lifestyles and consumption of mobility services. Seamless and meaningful integration of online and offline touchpoints is a key aspect for the entire customer and dealer journey, always in tandem with the changing role of dealerships in times of eCommerce.

To build a user-friendly and sustainable experience the right eCommerce platform approach needs to be chosen, supported by the appropriate cloud service model for the necessary agility.

Automotive eCommerce - How to sell cars and services online

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