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Augmented Service for Energy and Utilities

Does your organization still see customer service as a cost center? Well, it’s now time to revolutionize your customer service function and transform it into a growth engine.

Energy and utilities customers always expect a great service experience with every new interaction; however, 75%* of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent, while 72%* are frustrated at having to explain their issue multiple times due to poor customer service and a lack of omnichannel presence.

At Capgemini, we’re empowering your service agents to proactively address customers’ expectations and future needs. Rich, data-driven insights to identify trends, unmet needs, and opportunities are enabled. 

Augmented Service helps energy and utilities players in four ways:

  • Customer data is consistent, complete, and merged to generate value for current and new business propositions
  • AI and big data address customers’ needs and personalized interactions
  • Deeper customer insights and understanding lead to higher NPS and revenue
  • Enterprise agility improves

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