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Transforming Digital Core for Grocery

Disruption creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity for retailers and grocers to evolve to the Renewable Retail Enterprise, by digitally transforming their core and putting data-driven customer insight at the heart of their operations.

Retail and grocers adapted impressively to the turmoil of 2020. Diametrically conflicting pressures of uncertain demand, the shift online, disrupted supply-chains and the cost of fulfilling new online, on-demand and omnichannel buying meant margins were squeezed.

Capgemini’s Retailpath offers a route forward, to build on the advances toward digital buying while enabling operational agility, resilience and innovation and ultimately growing revenue and margins.

It’s the roadmap to the Renewable Retail Enterprise , and below we explain more about the exciting opportunity that creates – and the benefits it delivers, for your shoppers, your staff, your business and the world we all share.

“It’s an incredible time to be in grocery – it’s a unique sector in the way it forms part of and serves a community. Grocery now has the opportunity, by reinventing its core, to play an even bigger role at the heart of the digitally connected community”

Lindsey Mazza, Global Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution Sector

What we do

Inventive Shopping

Inventive Shopping examines the fundamental role of retailing in the lives of people, transforming the value propositions and experiences retailers provide, as consumer expectations evolve, and new entrants and technologies disrupt the market.

Smart Retail Planner

Smart Retail Planner is a holistic approach to addressing the most complex challenges that retailers face. From the integration of customer data and insights to core end-to-end merchandising and supply chain decisioning; we guide our clients through their transformation journeys.

Inventive Consumer Brand Experience for Retail

By establishing connected marketing capabilities, we help our clients to better align their marketing expertise, both with their consumers, and enterprise wide. We established an end-to-end MarTech infrastructure that operationalizes seamless, personalized experiences to consumers.

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