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Next Generation Contact Center

Drive customer engagement and business outcomes at the same time

In a highly competitive environment, contact centers need to embody the brand experience while driving customer engagement and contributing to business results. Contact centers also need to manage the explosion of interactions on a growing number of channels. At the same time, they seek operational excellence while optimizing resource allocation and maintaining the required level of service.

We help you build the foundations of a Next Generation Contact Center that captures and understands your customers’ feedback and sentiments in real time. It also enables you to deliver efficient, accurate, and personalized case resolutions while ensuring customer satisfaction and providing opportunities to push up and cross-sell. The next-gen contact center empowers you with qualification and smart routing, workforce optimization, augmented agents, outbound Interaction management, and outsourcing management.

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Julien LEBLOIS, Global Offer Lead, Service & Sales, Capgemini Customer Experience

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