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In today’s digital world, traditional insurers must transform not only their technology and business processes, but also their mindset, to those of a Digital Insurer. Capgemini’s research and experience shows that Digital Insurers perform better and more effectively future-proof their business to gain market share and compete with InsurTechs.

Today’s Insurance industry is in a period of profound transformation. Customers are demanding a better experience, while carriers are struggling to improve operational efficiency and reduce expenses, and there are new competitors entering the market.  Emerging technologies and a massive proliferation of data hold the promise for aiding insurers in meeting these challenges, but in doing so will transform traditional business processes and operating models, and will require new skillsets and approaches to implement and adopt.  Complicating this, many traditional insurers are still hampered with rigid, legacy technology.  One thing is clear:  Transformation is the New Normal.

Research from our annual World Insurance Report clearly shows a customer preference for quality digital touch points around Critical Moments of Truth.  Specifically, insurance consumers are seeking a ‘CAP’ experience – one that provides Convenience, Agility and Personalization. They want anytime and anywhere access with seamless ability to transition across channels, as well as recognition for who they are and tailored service, as well as products, that take into account their needs, behaviors and risk exposures.

For insurers, offering a personalized, seamless experience is important in attracting and retaining customers, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. By harnessing the power of new technology such as automation and artificial intelligence that enable more efficient business processes, insurers can increase operational efficiency and business agility. Overall, a holistic approach is required, which will improve profitability by not only increasing customer retention, but also decreasing expense and losses.

To remain competitive in this market, insurers seeking to compete must focus simultaneously on four key competency areas:

  • Improved Customer Propositions through a ‘CAP’ experience to engage and retain loyal customers
  • Becoming an insight-driven insurer with Improved Data and Analytics capabilities to find points of competitive differentiation
  • Core business agility to enable speed to market with new products, services, and offerings
  • Hyper efficiency in operations

Capgemini’s Digital Core for Insurance is built based on our proven experience in Insurance transformations to accelerate the journey of a carrier to become a digital insurer. Digital Core provides a “Solution Block” approach to advance maturity in Digital Insurer key competencies. Capgemini’s leading solutions and capabilities drive progress across the five critical areas of digital transformation:

  • Seamless Experience – A set of solutions to enable better engagement with customers across all channels.
  • Advanced Analytics – Better manage and unlock the value of data with models to identify opportunities for competitive differentiation through new, compelling products and services, more targeted marketing, and tailored offers and interactions.
  • Modern Agile Core Platforms – Drive faster speed to market and the ability to iteratively deliver value for the Enterprise through our Core Platform Offerings, enabled by our Accelerated Delivery Center and Smart QA
  • Smart Automation – Our Smart Automation solutions can promote operational efficiency by applying appropriate optimization, automation and Artificial Intelligence levers across value chain.
  • Business Enablement – Drive growth and differentiation through innovation and capture the full value of technology investments through a better aligned organization

Our approach to partnering with insurers to advance their digital insurer competencies is iterative and agile.  It starts with an assessment of current capabilities and defines ‘base solutions’ across the key competencies which can be matured and further differentiated over time.  This initial phase is enhanced with our Accelerated Solutions Environment, intended to align stakeholders with diverse objectives around a common digital vision, and our Applied Innovation Exchange, a global platform that brings together a multidisciplinary team to effectively drive innovation at speed and scale.

Capgemini’s Digital Core leverages the assets and capabilities across disciplines to deliver the following benefits to your organization:

  • Greater Customer Retention
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Premium Growth
  • Higher Prospect Conversion Ratio
  • Lower Loss Ratio
  • Quicker Speed To Market
  • Revenue Growth
  • Lower Expense Ratio

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini helps our clients become Digital Insurers by approaching “digital” as an enterprise strategy across technology, operations, and business functions and bringing together an unparalleled breadth and depth of digital capabilities. This is underpinned with our deep insurance industry expertise and a leading Insurance Industry Solution Practice that enables us to solve our clients’ most complex business problems so that they can transform their business into a digital business.

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