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Intelligent Assistant for automotive (CIA4AUTO)

Activating data to accelerate automotive supply-chain intelligence.

Automotive companies have data. The challenge is extracting data in real time and making that data work for you.

SAP® is a data engine, and it is time to exploit it. The days of reviewing data, after the fact via custom reports is over. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers need information to make smart business decisions in real time. It is time to find issues before they become costly problems.

The Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive app (CIA4AUTO) leverages the power of SAP data to provide focus on the right data now. It scans transactions, postings, events, or lack of events to detect anomalies and indicate any potential issues in the supply chain. Variances in transactions trigger an alert to the appropriate employees.

CIA4AUTO is part of Capgemini’s SAP solutions for the automotive industry. The full suite of offerings include the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Automotive Suppliers and the AutoPath accelerator.

CIA4AUTO tracks sales orders, pricing, deliveries, receipts, IDOC/EDI inbound and outbound, and invoices to improve operations. The application also tracks and makes data adjustments to ensure cleaner data is being used to process. It means a better customer and employee experience because issues can be detected much earlier in the process. And the app learns based on how the user interacts, so it adapts to deliver the information that is important for your business.

CIA4AUTO delivers:

  • Real-time data analysis of key issues facing the automotive supply chain
  • Customizable notifications to help employees be more efficient and minimize disruptions
  • Rapid deployment options in the cloud.

Intelligent Assistant for Automotive (CIA4AUTO)

iOS, Android, and web-based, CIA4AUTO works in any SAP environment – ECC or SAP S/4HANA – no matter the level of customization.