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Transforming the Digital Core for retail

Transforming the Digital Core for Retail enables retailers to achieve a fast and smooth implementation of SAP S/4HANA, while simultaneously leveraging the promise of ‘The Renewable Enterprise’. The outcome is an agile digital core that can flex and adapt as your organization grows and evolves.

By combining our retail path solution for SAP S/4HANA with the promise of ‘The Renewable Enterprise’, Transforming the Digital Core for Retail empowers you to nurture a business that’s constantly able to grow, adapt, and renew. That way, you’ll constantly evolve towards exceeding customer expectations, unlocking business value and outpacing the competition.

Your ultimate guide

Our offer confirms Capgemini as the ultimate guide to digital core transformation for retailers, able to share unique, purpose-built skills to help you navigate unprecedented market shifts and tech-triggered trends.

Partner with Capgemini to benefit from our significant, proven experience in optimizing the operations of retail businesses across the whole value chain. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the world of retailing reflects our proven experience of working with the world’s largest, most successful retailers. We are uniquely positioned with in-house talent to enable your vision.

We employ tried and tested methodologies, and our latest innovations, to orchestrate the levers of platforms, applications, processes, change, leadership, talent, and culture.

Our team of retail experts works with you to create a digital vision and a tailored transformation road map, equipping you to start projects today that ladder up to long-term strategic goals tomorrow.

Transforming the Digital Core for Retail brings together our proven solutions and latest innovations, enabling us to create a bespoke, flexible, scalable roadmap for your transformation journey

  • A swift and smooth migration path: Highway to S/4HANA is our industrialized approach, engineered so there’s no need for you to build strategies from scratch. We leverage it as a platform, empowering you to adopt rapidly evolving business models and achieve ongoing business transformation.

  • Get to market faster: RetailPath solution is built specifically for retailers. It’s a platform of premium assets and accelerators that improve performance, drive accelerated deployment, and mitigate risk to your transformation program.

  • Agile solutions for a thriving business: iCaptivate is the market leading Agile for SAP methodology. An end to end S/4HANA solution (digital core) based on industry best practices.

  • Agile, flexible and scalable architectures: The Renewable Enterprise is our promise that, when we migrate or upgrade the platform, we’ll design it to enable businesses to evolve continually as customers demand different types of engagement, products and services.

  • SAP Marketing Cloud: SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to target and engage customers with relevant campaigns. It’s a truly intelligent enterprise marketing solution that marketers create focus, targeting and engaging customers with relevant experiences.

  • SAP Commerce Cloud: SAP Commerce Cloud offers personalized seamless commerce and order management. For B2B business, it helps simplify and enhance your online customers’ experience with personalized recommendations.

  • SAP Customer Activity Repository: SAP Customer Activity Repository is a retail industry specific solution that brings several prior planning, analytics and data management solutions, previously part of SAP BW.  Additionally, it offers solutions required for omnichannel retail: omnichannel article availability; omnichannel pricing and promotion; and unified demand forecast.

Will you harness the opportunity of a generation?

Transforming the Digital Core for Retail offers us the opportunity of a generation. The opportunity to get digital transformation right. The opportunity to realize the promise of The Renewable Enterprise. The opportunity to deliver experiences that achieve the intimacy customers increasingly demand.