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Game-change your data cloud. With Snowflake and Capgemini, we bring the power of technology and expertise for faster data sourcing and collaboration.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows businesses to unify and connect to a single copy of all data with ease. The result is an ecosystem of thousands of businesses connecting to not only their own data – but also connecting to each other by effortlessly sharing and consuming shared data and data services. The Data Cloud platform supports multiple data workloads, and the architecture delivers near-unlimited storage and computing in real-time to virtually any number of concurrent users in the Data Cloud.

And we are a leader in this area – delivering these solutions with Snowflake across every industry. Our combined technology and expertise deliver game-changing solutions and offerings across a multitude of use cases, from marketing analytics to ESG.

    Coming soon: Capgemini at Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour

    As a Black Diamond Partner, we will present our joint capabilities to data-driven practitioners and leaders on this global tour.

    Capgemini at Snowflake Summit 2022

    We were a Blue Square partner and sponsor at this event, the largest in-person event to date for Snowflake, which took place in Las Vegas.

      How we can help

      Our relationship with Snowflake has blossomed into a highly strategic relationship which has led to us being named 2021 EMEA Global SI Partner of the Year and multiple competency badges for retail, media, and financial services. Our Snowflake experience extends across industries within multiple focus areas, including Clean Rooms, Predictive Revenue Optimization, Retail Data Cloud, Data Mesh, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, and Data Lake.

      In short, we help you leverage your Snowflake investment to transform and accelerate data innovation – to achieve the business outcomes you want.

        Collaborative Data Ecosystems

        Succeed beyond your frontiers – the new tectonic shift in data is sharing.

        Data for Net Zero

        Net zero intelligence supercharges your sustainability performance.

        Data-driven customer experiences

        Find out what it means to be a customer-first brand to your consumers – and how to get there.

          Snowflake names Capgemini GSI Elite Partner EMEA of the Year

          This partnership further enhances the best-of-breed solutions our clients have access to across industries.

          Meet our experts

          Marc Chemin

          Global Sales Officer at Insights & Data Global Business Line

          Eric Reich

          AI & Data Engineering Offer Leader and Global Head, Insights & Data
          Eric has over 20 years of experience and is been part of Capgemini Group portfolio team for Insights and Data, global practice. He is currently leading AI & Data Engineering team globally. With 16+ years of experience in the FS sector and 10+ years in the cloud and data space , he had the opportunity to work with some of Fortune 500 customers in the Assessment , Design and Execution phases of their data driven transformation.

          Ashvin Parmar

          Global Head of FS Generative AI CoE

          Tej Vakta

          Expert in Capital Markets, Wealth Management

          Neerav Vyas

          Head of Customer, Co-Chief Innovation Officer, Insights & Data, North America
          Neerav is an outstanding leader, helping organizations accelerate innovation, drive growth, and facilitate large-scale transformation. He is a two-time winner of the Ogilvy Award for Research in Advertising and an AIconics 2019 and 2020 finalist for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing.