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Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures: In conversation with Lucie Kroemer

11 May 2021

International Girls in ICT Day aims at encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Capgemini strongly promotes gender balance in ICT, and always champions women in technology. To inspire more girls to choose a career in ICT and make their dream a reality, we bring to you a series of interviews of some of the most successful and prominent women employees at Capgemini Belgium, who talk about why it is important for more girls to take up careers in ICT and how we can inspire them in doing so.

We have with us today Lucie Kroemer – Vice President & Head of Sales, Bid and Alliances, BeLux.

Hello Lucie! Tell us about yourself

Lucie: I graduated with a Master’s degree in IT and started my career in the Netherlands as an IT Manager. After 3 years in that role, I moved to Belgium where I started a career in sales. I joined Sogeti-Capgemini in 2013 and took up different sales responsibilities. In 2018, I was appointed Head of Sales for the MU BeLux. In 2020 I was promoted as Vice President.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ICT?

Lucie: I chose a career in ICT out of curiosity. Back then, the world was not as digital as it is now, and we could never imagine that the world would become so digitally advanced. But we could already feel that we were at the beginning of a big change – a change in how we communicate, how we buy, and how we find information. I was curious to know more, to see more, and to be one of these people who were making the change.

How has Capgemini helped shape your career in the tech industry?

Lucie: Capgemini supported me in different ways such as helping me get multiple trainings and certifications, benefit from different talent management programs, and be a part of mentoring sessions. To evolve in your career, you cannot limit yourself to trainings or mentorship programs only. Capgemini offers a combination of all to help you accelerate your career.

How do you think girls can be encouraged to choose a career in ICT?

Lucie: ICT is too often perceived from the technical angle as a career for developers or administrators. But you have plenty of roles in ICT that require other skills, for example Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, PMOs, etc. When you choose a career in ICT, you have multiple opportunities to choose from between tech and non-tech roles, and you can evolve from one set of skills to another. With a bouquet of opportunities, pursuing a career in ICT is never a bad choice!

A message that you would like to share with girls who aspire to pursue a career in ICT?

Lucie: Don’t listen to doubts. Believe in yourself. You are great and you can make it. Go for it!

Thanks so much Lucie! It was indeed a great conversation! Your inspiring career in ICT will motivate many others, and we wish you continued success!