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Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures: In conversation with An Brosens

11 May 2021

International Girls in ICT Day aims at encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Capgemini strongly promotes gender balance in ICT, and always champions women in technology. To inspire more girls to choose a career in ICT and make their dream a reality, we bring to you a series of interviews of some of the most successful and prominent women employees at Capgemini Belgium, who talk about why it is important for more girls to take up careers in ICT and how we can inspire them in doing so.

We have with us today An Brosens – HR Director, Capgemini Belgium and Luxemburg.

Hello An! Tell us about yourself

An: Well, my journey with Capgemini spans over 2 decades and I have had the opportunity to explore different roles. I started as an IT consultant, evolved towards HR and built my experience as a business manager. Currently, I’m the HR Director for Capgemini Belgium and Luxemburg. I could develop my competencies and knowledge at my own pace and interest. Being a mother of 3, it was really great to fit my professional career into my personal life.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ICT?

An: I love ICT because of its innovative spirit. It drives you into thinking out-of-the-box and forces you to stay innovative and creative in whatever role you have within the organization.

How has Capgemini helped shape your career in the tech industry?

An: Capgemini offered the right training, job opportunity, and mentorship that I needed when necessary.

Why do you think it is important to promote technology career opportunities for girls?

An: Technology is extremely pervasive today, and impacts all fields such as health, education, manufacturing, banking, retail and more. If we want to prepare our girls for the future workforce, it is important that we inspire them to explore technology careers. A career in technology is always challenging. It keeps you interested in your environment and the impact of IT on the world, and helps you drive innovation.

How do you think girls can be encouraged to choose a career in ICT?

An: We need more women as role models to inspire future female leaders in ICT. Women leaders in technology can share their ideas and experiences to encourage and motivate girls to choose a career in ICT. Women role models can also effectively address the obstacles young girls and women face when designing their educational and career paths.

Do you have kids? If so, how do you inspire them to take up careers in science & technology/ ICT?

An: I am a proud mother of 3 and I always inspire and motivate my kids to explore technology and how it can change the world around us. Being a professional in the technology sector, I show them the innovative and creative aspects of working in IT and about the diversity of an IT job in terms of working with colleagues in an international context and within different sectors and clients.

A message that you would like to share with girls who aspire to pursue a career in ICT

An: Believe in yourself, be open to the world and keep chasing your dreams. Recognize and embrace your uniqueness and you can get the future you want!

Thanks so much An! It was indeed a great conversation! Your inspiring career in ICT will motivate many others, and we wish you continued success!