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Capgemini succeeded in renewing the frame contract for SAP services for the Federal government

18 Jan 2022

The Federal Public Service (FPS) Policy and Support assists the government and supports the federal organizations in various areas: IT, HR, organizational control and integrity policy, budget, accounting and public procurement contracts. It’s the result of the integration of the agencies of the FPS Personnel and Organization (including Selor, OFO/IFA, FED+ and PersoPoint), of the FPS Budget and Management Control, of Fedict and of Empreva into one entity.

The past 5 years, Capgemini was responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the SAP landscape for the Federal Government. Last year, due to the end of the contract, BOSA decided to retender. After a long tendering period Capgemini succeeded in winning the Fedcom/SAP frame contract for the second time in a row for the next 4 years.

The scope of the contract is very broad, since a lot of different SAP modules were implemented in the previous contract (FI/CO, AA, SD, MM, PSCD, HR, VIM, FM, WM…). One of the key objectives of this contract is to migrate the current landscape to S/4 and to roll out the FAAS pilot (Fedcom as a Service).