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Unlocking heightened business centricity, flexibility, and innovation in manufacturing

Client: A global industrial company
Industry: Manufacturing

Utilizing ADMnext for SAP Solutions, Capgemini brings an SLA- and automation-driven delivery model for improved customer satisfaction, innovation, and agility

Client Challenge: The company wanted to improve upon its common ERP landscape and better control the volume and impact of incidents in relation to support around fluctuating user demand, customer experience, business hygiene, and user adoption

Solution: Capgemini partnered with the business to introduce a comprehensive SAP application maintenance program, which provided greater operational flexibility, the diversification of global business processes, and an enhanced customer workflow

·       Simplified user experience and more streamlined user adoption
·       Increased agility within rapidly changing business environments
·       Improved ease of data and asset management
·       Greater customer satisfaction
·       Effective and transparent problem management and bug fixes

·       Substantial ticket volume reductions
·       More efficient and streamlined reporting, monitoring, and auditing

Continuing the pursuit of manufacturing innovation

This global manufacturing leader has well over 100 years of experience in sustainable productivity, energy efficiency, and safety innovations across more than 180 countries. It has spent the entirety of its history looking for new ways to push the envelope and continue to grow within its fields. In line with this tradition of innovation, the company initiated a common, simplified global business management program, which covers the core ERP functionality of its 30 product entities. The organization’s goal was to have a consolidated solution for every program across all markets, countries, business areas, brands, and customer centers.

With its common ERP landscape, the program reduced complexity, as all its services could be tracked and managed from a single place. However, the ripple effects of COVID-19 made data migration and problem management execution quite costly and cumbersome for the vast user geography within the company. Additionally, the system only allowed for changes on a country level, which caused issues from legal and statutory requirement standpoints.

Ultimately, in an environment of economic uncertainty and changing regulatory frameworks, the business was looking to consolidate and improve upon fragmented asset management, inventory management, and business operations. The far-reaching impacts and volume of tickets meant that the company was looking for a strategic SAP partner who could help in solving these issues while driving heightened customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Employing ADMnext for SAP Solutions to craft a roadmap for dynamic transformation

In applying ADMnext for SAP Solutions tools, Capgemini’s dedicated team of more than 100 consultants developed a comprehensive SAP application maintenance program consisting of three dedicated problem manager toolkits, which served to streamline key focus areas and business processes and included:

  • Monitoring and reporting activities, problem management, and bug fixes
  • Incident management and analytics
  • Multiple transformation initiatives
  • Service to Close (STC), Hire to Retire (HTR), Finance to Manage (FTM), Project to Realize (PTR), Order to Cash (OTC), Procure to Pay (PTP), and Analytics (BI/BO) services.

Overall, Capgemini specialists designed and deployed an SLA- and automation-driven model based on tools like SAP Solution Manager (SolMan), SharePoint, and JIRA.

As a result of this partnership, the business’ customer experience flow grew more robust and user-friendly. The problem manager toolkit instilled flexibility and autonomy within local business units and helped drive smooth processes and workflow changes with different legal requirements. This greatly reduced the turnaround time for each challenge, along with creating a marginal drop in ticket volume.

Additionally, the Capgemini team helped the company achieve higher productivity and customer satisfaction with the help of user profiling and ticket analytics. Overall, the partnership resulted in the following benefits:

  • Minimal disruption to daily business processes
  • Heightened flexibility and autonomy provided to local BUs to better suit their size and differing complexities
  • Simplified user experience and better user adoption
  • Increased agility and response ability to rapidly changing business environments
  • Improved ease of data and asset management and hassle-free information retrieval from systems
  • Greater customer satisfaction and business value
  • Effective and transparent problem management and bug fixes
  • Substantial reduction in ticket volumes
  • More efficient and streamlined reporting, monitoring, and auditing activities
  • Quicker SLA response and resolution times.

Assembling a host of future opportunities

Thanks to the Capgemini team’s problem manager toolkits, the company is now better prepared to restructure and scale its whole IT system landscape without interrupting business across all geographies. The organization is now looking forward to collaborating in order to develop and support new applications enabled by Capgemini’s SAP application maintenance platform. Together, the partners will continue to pursue a future based on innovation and sustainable manufacturing.

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