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Client story

Digital customer experiences at scale by Entercard

Client: Entercard
Region: Norway
Industry: Banking and capital markets

Entercard partners with Capgemini to deliver seamless customer experiences through automated, data-driven journeys delivering more customized offers, all powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud

Client Challenge: Entercard wanted to find a more efficient way to make the customer experience more seamless across all channels, while delivering personalized offers with clear value for their customers and their brand

Solution: The company partnered with Capgemini to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which together with Salesforce Service Cloud allows them to run automated, multi-channel journeys

·  Clearer understanding of customer needs
·  Empowers marketeers to manage segments and content in a single platform
·  Expanded ability for offer customization

As one of Scandinavia’s leading credit market companies, Entercard provides payment and financing solutions through its own and partner brands to more than 2 million customers in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, all of whom expect personalized solutions, services, and support. In order to better understand its clients and deliver greater value through an enhanced customer experience, the company partnered with Capgemini to implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which represented the latest in a long series of collaborations between the pair of organizations.

Through the introduction of this innovative platform, Entercard and Capgemini linked marketing automation with Salesforce Service Cloud and CRM data so interactions can be based on a 360° view of the customer. By transforming how the company can design and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences, Entercard has a great foundation for future innovation.

Transforming B2B Payments

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