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Client story

Capgemini drives the Oracle Guided Learning Project for the Belgian Ministry of Defence

The HCM skill center within Capgemini is driving the innovation and implementation of the HR processes and software for the Ministry of Defence, Belgium. It is one of the first organizations to implement the Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) software on an on-premise PeopleSoft application in Belgium/Europe, including the first ones worldwide with a multilingual implementation.

About the HCM Skill Center

With about 40 onshore consultants and 20 dedicated offshore consultants in India, the HCM Skill Center has successfully guided clients in implementing HR software packages such as SAP SuccessFactors, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud HCM etc. in Belgium and worldwide. Currently, as a part of the ‘HRM@Defence’ program, a team of 30 consultants, on and offshore, are involved in implementing HR solutions for the internal processes of the Ministry of Defence, Belgium.

The Mission

The Ministry of Defence in Belgium was looking to replace their current HRIS systems and migrate into one platform for all their HR processes, including payroll, career learning and academic learning. Over the last nine years Capgemini and Belgian Defence have worked closely together through the HRM@Defence program, implementing PeopleSoft HCM, Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) and Campus Solutions that support Defence’s internal HR processes.

After the final wave’s go-live in January 2021, Capgemini has kept on providing ADM services towards Defence, where also smaller evolutive projects have emerged based on new requirements, like for instance the current OGL project.

This OGL project emerged from the need to increase the user friendliness/user experience and reduce the number of errors that are being reported to the first line support (helpdesk) since people are not familiar with the new software. At the initial go-live of the new HCM software, in depth hands-on classroom training sessions were provided to HR administrative personnel, and a lot of ’classic’ end user training like documents, learning videos, were created and shared with the employees.

However, Defence has noticed that the regular/occasional end user, who only logs on every once in a while, does not seem to find their way into the system. OGL is intended to offer guidance which is directly accessible at the moment of need, to help their employees understand the procedures better.

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is a Cloud application that provides in-application user guidance. Currently, the focus of Capgemini is to transform the classic end-user training material of HRM@Defence into step-by-step guides that users can click through while working in the PeopleSoft application. This implementation is being done in both French and Dutch and will be implemented in an agile way with 50+ guides already created across 7 modules and available for the end-users.

Advantages of implementing OGL

The project is still ongoing and new content will be added frequently, for users to take advantage of. As the volume of the content grows, usage will be increasingly measured and analysed. Via the OGL Analytics functionality, Defence can now monitor the user’s behaviour regarding these guides and accommodate them to their needs.

For Capgemini, the experience and expertise, and the long-term partnership with Oracle and thorough knowledge and expertise in its products gives them a competitive edge in the market. At the same time, it gives us an opportunity to continuously learn and improve.

Need to know more about the Oracle Guided Learning project? Get in touch with Debora Veeckmans, Capgemini’s OGL project lead or Marc Feyaerts, Capgemini’s Account Manager for Belgian Defence.

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