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Client story


Client: A global fashion retailer
Region: EMEA
Industry: Retail

Leveraging Capgemini’s ADMnext offering, the company revamped its learning approach to provide experts and executives with the composable architecture knowledge and skills needed to drive its future transformation initiatives

Client Challenge: This prominent fashion retailer was looking to provide its people with the unique and effective educational material that would help them better utilize composable architectures, and ultimately create the future solutions necessary to transform the company’s business as a whole.

Solution: Capgemini utilized tools from its ADMnext offering to develop a program of engaging, innovative, and gamified educational material around composable architectures that catered to a diverse range of learners.


  • A more engaging and interactive learning experience across the entire organization
  • Implementation of a network and effective collaboration infrastructure for the creation of fresh educational materials
  • Equipping and supporting a workforce that is now fluent in robust composable architectures and able to achieve the organization’s transformation goals

A global fashion retailer recognized that the ability of its experts to effectively comprehend and utilize composable architectures would play a critical role in creating the future solutions necessary transform its business. Composable architectures enable business and technical teams to collaborate, harness reusable assets, and create key pieces that can be recombined into new solutions – as and when the need arises – just like “Lego bricks.” With an educated workforce fluent in robust, composable business architectures, the organization would become more agile and responsive to change – and ultimately be able to achieve all of its transformation goals.

The organization’s earlier educational materials included static, lengthy technical documents, or PowerPoint slides, which were difficult to read and absorb. The company wanted to create content that transcended technical writing barriers and resonated with a diverse range of experts. So, the fashion retailer reached out to Capgemini with the main goal of making its learning program resources and experiences related to composable architectures more interactive and engaging. The Capgemini team applied solutions from its ADMnext offering to create role-specific learning pathways, as well as engaging and gamified content that enables the organization’s teams to build composable assets more effectively.

Composing new ways of learning together with ADMnext

Capgemini began by helping the company see the potential diverse and engaging content that could be created for its experts. The project team worked with the organization’s executives to better define learning journeys around composable architectures for the diverse roles that needed to be engaged. The objective was to utilize ADMnext tools and solutions to design content that would surpass learner expectations, with the team taking proactive measures by outlining agendas and timelines for high-quality delivery.

Harnessing storytelling concepts and motion design, the team used the Adobe Creative Cloud platform to create a pilot learning video with high-quality material. This video was a hit with learners, and this set the standard for learning journeys moving forward.

To more effectively instill deep concept understanding and confidence with the development of new learning materials, Capgemini and the fashion retailer integrated Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive. This implementation facilitated seamless collaboration between experts across a wide range of geographies and different teams. Using these tools, architects and developers were enabled to collaboratively co-author visually appealing learning formats that could be scaled up as new information emerged. In addition, the partners leveraged the Unreal Engine, an advanced, real-time 3D creation tool for immersive experiences. This tool produced motion-picture-grade resources, which proved to be a gamechanger for learner understanding and engagement.

Ensuring that the new educational material reached its target audience effectively, Capgemini learning journey experts created a network of teachers within the company’s ecosystem. These representatives formed the Integration Academy, which distributed the learning material and drove the entire learning process.

Wow, this is awesome! I am impressed and of course never surprised when you are delivering new things within the Integration Academy!”

Client C-Suite Executive

Looking to the future of innovative learning

Having successfully reorganized and revamped its learning program, the fashion retailer has shared these new teaching materials with everyone from developers to executives. As a result, this diverse audience expanded their understanding of composable architectures and exponentially grew their confidence and ability to create and apply solutions utilizing these tools.

The new approach delivered an inclusive and engaging learning content transformation program, which is tailored to diverse audiences and learning levels. The Integration Academy distributes interactive and visually appealing content, including cinematic-quality videos and gamified formats, ensuring that the company better serves the development needs of all technical experts, business managers, and executives.

Even though the current learning enablement support has concluded, the partners are continuing to look for new ways to improve their approach to education. A shared desire for engaging learning has defined the fashion retailer and Capgemini’s push to instill better understanding and utilization of composable architectures. This vision will continue to define the company’s learning approach as it seeks to further empower its employees with knowledge.