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Client story

A major electricity system operator gains frictionless CIAM

Client: A major European electricity system operator
Region: Northern and Central Europe
Industry: Energy transition and utilities

Working with Capgemini and Ping Identity, the company obtained a new highly scalable solution that provided a secure, unified method for customers to access its digital applications using a user-friendly single sign-on capability

Client Challenge: The company wanted to improve customer satisfaction by providing the information needed for digital application access in a way that delivers brand continuity, improved access security, and scalability to meet the client’s projected growth.

Solution: Capgemini worked with the electricity system operator to implement a modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution underpinned by PingOne DaVinci Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology from our partner Ping Identity.


  • Provides a frictionless, personalized, and consolidated user experience around access
  • Decreased IT support-desk reliance for speedier customer-request resolution
  • Enables the number of customers to double to 10,000 users over coming years to meet projected demand

Customers accessing the digital environment of a major electricity system operator were previously required to sign-in to its digital applications multiple times with different accounts, causing frustration and user friction. In an attempt to make life easier for its customers, the operator looked for a new technology solution to meet its Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) needs. Of primary importance was the creation of a unified customer journey.

The operator wanted a technology partner to help redesign its existing digital customer registrations and multiple authentication processes, including browser-based and API authentication. Furthermore, that partner would need to help shape a strategic data model that would underpin identity integration across the company’s application landscape and provide consultation on security best practices.

Implementing a secure CIAM solution

As the owner of one of the world’s largest IAM practices, Capgemini was well-positioned to implement tailored CIAM solutions specific to the electricity system operator’s needs. After an initial review of the organization’s objectives and existing systems, Capgemini recommended and then implemented an end-to-end CIAM solution covering Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), built on Ping Identity’s SaaS service.

Leveraging PingOne DaVinci, the company and Capgemini implemented custom authentication journeys with pre-emptive error scenarios, as well as tailored registration, social login, and self-service pathways. The solution also supported industry-benchmarked integration with third-party services and social providers. Throughout the project, the partners leveraged Capgemini’s Agile Delivery team to shape the project through its strategic and transition phases. This helped the system operator get the best from Ping Identity’s market-leading technology stack, which is now paying dividends.

Looking ahead

The secure and seamless SSO capability introduced across all digital platforms and services is now making a huge difference. User journeys that were previously a challenge for users are now quick and streamlined. In addition, they are personalized to provide a single, consolidated view of each user. By embedding self-service capabilities, the company and Capgemini have further empowered users, who can now more easily manage their details and preferences while securely handling requests like password resets without relying on the IT support desk.

Additionally, with the system operator’s publicfacing digital footprint expanding, the company now has a modern CIAM solution that is flexible enough to scale easily and organically with its customer base. To ensure smooth onboarding for new users and applications, Capgemini has put reusable patterns for the CIAM deployment in place. With the number of customers projected to double in the next two to three years and their user experience streamlined, the organization’s future looks bright, indeed.