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Business operations

The Connected Enterprise – delivering continuous digital and sustainable business value

HFS Research shares its perspective on our vision to deliver the new era of connected business operations.

Oliver Pfeil (CEO, Capgemini’s Business Services) spoke to HFS Research’s Saurabh Gupta (President, Research and Advisory Services) and his team about how Capgemini is applying its Connected Enterprise approach to drive intelligent, frictionless, and sustainable business operations for its clients.

Capgemini’s vision of designing and running intelligent processing and its commitment to extracting value by combining the data layer is key to driving value. Its aim is the seamless transformation of processes that impact the top and bottom line and enhance the customer and employee experience.

“There is a significant acceleration in the transition towards a more digital and sustainable economy. Enterprises need to hasten their digital transformation while shifting gears in terms of sustainability. Operating models need to evolve to enable the frictionless enterprise and extract the maximum value from those transformations.”

Olivier Pfeil, CEO, Business Services

In this paper, you will learn how Capgemini is on a mission to impact its clients where it matters the most today: driving more sustainable, connected, and data-driven operations that deliver tangible business outcomes.

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Oliver Pfeil

Business Services
Business Services