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Four shifts in financial practices to boost the circular economy

Four shifts in financial practices to boost the circular economy

Unlocking the financial mechanics to enable the business case for circular business models.

The concept of a circular economy appears to be reaching a tipping point, but progress is slow: current management practices are not in sync with circularity, starting from financial and accounting tools and approaches.

Key to understanding why organizations are still struggling to launch and scale circularity is the concept of value and how the current dominant way of thinking about value is linear.

If the circular economy is to move from enthusiasm to achievement, we need to shift from a theoretical debate about the strategic benefits to concrete business innovations powered by new financial models and metrics that enable people to write successful business cases – to understand and price risks, and to financially account for the transition to a nonlinear model.

Our research and consulting experiences with pioneering companies demonstrate that this change is not only necessary, but possible.

Meet our experts

Patricia Noble

Sustainability and Circular Economy Lead, UK
Patricia has worked in sustainability and circular economy for over 8 years in numerous organisations, currently leading on circular economy as part of the UK Sustainable Futures team. Her background is in international business, globalization, and sustainable development. She has been involved in academic research and has presented at various global conferences, including at the UN.

Courtney Holm

Head of Sustainability UK | Vice President, Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent UK
My role is to shape the way Capgemini creates long term, sustainable value for clients, enabling them with fresh perspectives and digital solutions so that they can play a transformative role in addressing planetary, people and systems challenges. I works across Northern Europe acting as the country lead for the UK and as Executive Sponsor for Invent for Society in the UK.