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Driving Data Solution through collaboration – Takeaways from Atlas Copco, Capgemini, and Microsoft’s ‘Hackathon’ to implement Azure Purview

At the end of 2020, when the public preview of Azure Purview was made available, Atlas Copco and Capgemini teamed up to investigate the opportunities and capabilities of this new data catalog component within Microsoft Azure. Atlas Copco is building its core data-driven solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment while using various cutting-edge components from the Microsoft service offering, particularly Delta Lake, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Power BI. As the timing of the public preview fitted the overall project roll-out, Azure Purview was reviewed focusing on a Fit/ Gap analysis facilitated by a joint Hackathon. The Project was done developing a custom Azure Purview solution focused on real business cases and their data components. The project was held in early 2021. Lately, Atlas Copco, Capgemini, and Microsoft agreed to focus during the Hackathon on the SAP BW connector, enabling Azure Purview to query the central SAP BW environment of Atlas Copco.

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