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Banking Insights Video Series

Banks are facing numerous challenges: increasing competition, an emergent fintech class, and other platforms that aim to provide financial services. Banking Insights is your guide to that future banking journey on how the banking industry is changing and how banks can transform and thrive amid unprecedented disruption.

Join us as we explore a new topic in banking, innovation, and transformation. Find out more about the challenges banks are facing today – and what can they expect in the future. Watch leading industry experts as they break down need-to-know, inspiring approaches with strategic insights and provide tangible recommendations.

Episode 1: Non-financial services companies getting into payments – why banks should pay attention

The open banking market is increasingly attracting non-financial companies. PSD2 licenses create a tremendous amount of opportunities for retailers, airline companies and many others. This not only disrupts the traditional business models of banks, it’s also a reaction to the increasing competition from BigTechs.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Open Banking, please check out our latest blog ‘Everyone is Banking’ here.

Episode 2: How is Open Banking simplifying the world of credit lending?

The banking landscape is changing, and the credit and lending landscape is being disrupted by a number of innovations. Based on our research from the PSD2 (Open Banking) Market Observatory, the use of PSD2 licenses have paved the way for such a change, leading to opportunities to simplify the life of both the consumer, and the lender. In this video, our experts explain how open banking is reshaping the credit lending landscape.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Credit Lending, please check out our latest blog ‘How is Open Banking Simplifying the world of credit lending’ here.

banking Insights ep2

Episode 3: Screen scraping – a balancing act for banks

The EU’s PSD2 aimed to bolster data sharing between banks and third party providers (TPPs) while increasing the safety standards for customers. While the regulation steered banks to share customer data in a controlled way via APIs, many TPPs still rely on screen scraping, giving them unrestricted access to banks’ customer data. In the absence of strict regulation, banks will need to act to balance the benefits and risks properly.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Screen Scraping, please check out our latest blog ‘Screen scraping: a balancing act for banks’ here

Episode 4: Big Tech into payments data – scary or exciting?

BigTechs have been disrupting the payment industry for some time now. Their new functionalities enabled by for instance semantic search technology will likely attract even more customers. Or should we be scared by the increasing involvement of BigTechs in our life?

Episode 5: Quantum computing – the future of risk management?

Quantum technologies are predicted to be one of the next big disruptive technologies, offering the possibility of solving previously intractable problems. Risk models can have many parameters, influencing the risk. This means that classical computers require a lot of computation power. Banks can leverage quantum risk simulations to improve their risk modelling, making the models faster and more accurate. This allows banks to always work with up-to-date models. Though quantum computers might offer a lot of opportunities, on the other hand quantum computers might also pose a threat on security. Financial institutions must prepare to make their systems and sensitive data ‘quantum-safe’. To learn more on how organizations can prepare for a quantum advantage please check out our latest report here.

Episode 6: How can data help financial institutions meet their diversity and inclusion goals?

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a high priority at Capgemini. We support organizations in becoming more Diverse and Inclusive using our ‘Be Challenged’-Approach. This approach offers a comprehensive strategy that unites all D&I initiatives under one umbrella. What sets our approach apart from other D&I approaches? Our D&I experts use data-driven insights as a starting point to drive change.

Episode 7: ESG compliance: what are the new challenges for banks?

Whilst sustainability is shifting from a hobby for a small group of do-gooders into a full-grown boardroom priority, financial institutions struggle to implement ESG regulations. Sustainability is not only an additional risk type, but a transformation changing the way financial institutions conduct their business. If you want to know more about implementing ESG regulations and the lessons learned, watch the video.

Episode 8: Banking Insights: Payments & Retail

In a post-pandemic world, consumers are looking for more frictionless and seamless payments. Retailers and banks have to innovate in order to adapt to consumer preferences. If you want to know more about this and future trends, join our discussion by watching this video.

Episode 9: Non-PSD2 APIs: a new channel for banks to enrich their offer?

An increasing number of banks are selling data and solutions via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs are thus opening up a new sales channel for banks, although monetizing APIs remains a challenge. As the European open finance market is expected to keep growing, driven amongst others by the European Union’s intention to require more sectors to open up their data, we advise our customers to pay close attention to this emerging new market space.

Meet the host and the speakers

Alexander Eerdmans

Vice President & Head of Financial Services at Capgemini Invent Netherlands
Alexander Eerdmans is Vice President and Head of Financial Services (FS) at Capgemini Invent Netherlands. With a background in Finance, he has a wide experience in leading projects on Open Banking, FinTechs, and Financial Services. Alexander is always working on “What’s Next” in FS and encourages global collaboration, which enables unlimited possibilities.

Joost van Putten

Senior Managing Consultant at Capgemini Invent
Joost van Putten is a senior manager at Capgemini Invent Netherlands Financial Services. He has a background in innovation & strategy and has completed extensive work in the area of Open Banking and Payments. He has supported pan-European banks implement the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and has led multiple research studies into related market developments.

Milou Mertens

Senior Consultant Growth Strategy at Capgemini Invent Netherlands
As a Strategic Designer, I challenge myself to think about these things. I believe that many potentially great ideas get lost every day due to a lack of good communication or strategic thought. Many of these problems can be solved just by adding good visuals or executing the right analysis, it gives me energy every day to find these solutions.

Maylis Loncle

Senior Consultant Data-Driven Finance, Risk & Compliance @Capgemini Invent

Nadine van Son

Senior Consultant Strategy, Innovation and Transformation | Financial Services
As a consultant in the field of financial services I am passionate about innovation and new technologies, which motivates me look beyond the current standards and status quo. I find inspiration in combining insights, trends and developments with their effect on society and how the business environment should navigate.vation on customer behaviour is a topic that inspires me specifically.