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Automotive Sales: a bumpy road to recovery

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the automotive industry. What will it take for it to get back on track? We interviewed over 4,000 customers from the world’s five most important automotive markets, to get a clearer view.

Drastically altered consumer behavior and attitudes have created shock waves from the production line right out through the wider mobility ecosystem. Given that understanding current consumer perspectives and their future intentions to purchase will be key to reigniting the industry, we interviewed consumers who were intending to buy a vehicle before the pandemic hit. This pre-selection helped us find out just how purchase and mobility behavior is changing and how it will likely continue to change.

This point of view provides answers to the following pressing questions:

  • In exactly what ways is the pandemic influencing consumer behavior?
  • What measures should be prioritized by OEMs and dealerships to accelerate recovery?
  • What features and offers will convince consumers to buy?
  • Which channels can be used to better reach consumers?

We conclude by making recommendations that cover all distribution levels and core business areas and by outlining the Capgemini Invent Automotive Sales Recovery Framework; a suite of solutions we designed to give immediate remediation, and also set the foundations for long-term agility and resilience to future headwinds.

OEMs are facing a challenge of unprecedented scale and urgency. Decisive action is required to bring to life what’s next in automotive. This point of view points the way forward.