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Talent and people

Are you leaving culture up to chance?

Demystifying culture change with our new PoV

What leads some culture transformations to succeed, while others fail? Creating and maintaining a workplace culture conducive to success is not magic – it’s the result of concrete actions and attentive management. In our new PoV, Demystifying Culture Change, we explore six insights on effective culture change:

  • Programs on culture don’t work
  • Too often leaders start with mindset change when working on culture. In many cases it’s more effective to start with behavior
  • Make new behavior specific and relevant
  • The easier the new behavior, the more likely is it to become a new working habit
  • Peer-support is crucial
  • When it comes to culture you are never done

With a wealth of real-life examples from the workplace, author Vincent van Heumen shows the tangible effects of his insights. Learn more about the pragmatic approach to culture change in this new Point of View.