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Agile and IT Architecture


The JIT-JEA way of working

For organizations looking for a digital future, the question is no longer whether agile innovation should be used, but which innovation, when, and how. Companies are quickly adopting agile ways of working, fundamentally changing the way they operate.

This change also impacts the way IT architects work. Now more than ever, clients expect their IT function to seamlessly support the business as the lines of business and technology blur beyond recognition. As a result, architects need to respond to change. They need to become agile.

Yet architecture and agility have not always gone hand in hand.

Questions we should ask ourselves include:

  • How can architecture fit into agile methodologies?
  • How can agility be tackled using architecture frameworks?
  • How best to architect in an agile way?

To address some of the challenges an architect may face in an agile environment, and to assist architects who work in an agile context, this POV explains the proposed Capgemini method of designing agile architectures known as JIT-JEA: Just in Time – Just Enough Architecture.

Working with a dedicated team of IT architects from across the Capgemini Group, we have developed this detailed and comprehensive 26-page overview on not only what we at Capgemini mean by “agile IT architecture,” but also to outline how we architect in an agile way.