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Enterprise Automation Fabric cornerstone for Intelligent Automated Managed Services Driving business value by aligning IT to business imperatives

Pierre Joly
Sep 6, 2023

The world is fastly transforming and it’s necessary to respond to new market dynamics.  Business leaders must swiftly revisit their strategy, realign priorities, accelerate towards their digital transformation journey. The pandemic sealed technology at the heart of transformation, driving new ways of interaction, sharing, engaging and decision making. There is a momentum for modernization through new architecture & agile methods; enhancing value for customers through innovation and hence, reshape organization for more Market share.

Despite today’s focus on cash management and immediate crisis response, Capgemini Research Institute study found significant determination to accelerate transformation initiatives in over two-thirds of organizations

The same research notes that three trends will dominate the reshaping of the enterprise world: That remote working will be part and parcel of our lives, organizations will rethink production and supplier networks, and these – and more changes – will be driven by a digitization and automation boom.

Another research from Capgemini Research institute indicates that only a minority of organizations (16%) are deploying integrated/unified automation at scale, by which we mean implementations that go beyond pilot and test projects & hence missing to leverage full benefits of automation.

Research confirms that many Companies faces challenges to accelerate from successful automation piloting to large cost-effective deployment at scale. It is the fabric that enables it. Using an Enterprise Automation Fabric, in effect, means that the groundwork is done.

“ Artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation, while offering transformative potential business value, need an integrated approach across data, processes, and technologies. When deployed in isolated use cases at task-automation levels, they do not scale and provide their expected transformational impact on end-to-end process outcomes”

HFS Research

Enterprise Automation Fabric:

An Integrated “plug & Play” Fabric to drive the business processes & IT for performance with actionable insights and… enable Digital transformation journey

Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric is an Integrated & configurable Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service (IAasS) fabric providing the full scale of intelligent automation assets.

Digital & Data insights-driven, it enables efficient management of Applications & Infrastructure estates to deliver the optimal impact towards Business processes performance across the entire operation of our clients while decreasing the costs.

Build on latest Intelligent technology, it accelerates the data capture of events produced on our client landscape & synthesizes into SMART & Business KPI’s by generating an intuitive view to provide real- time health of the client’s business operations.

Enterprise Automation Fabric helps businesses to move from operations focused, limited value, isolated deployment of automation to an enterprise-wide, automation-first approach.

Enterprise Automation Fabric addresses key challenges of Business leaders by ensuring:

  • Business-centricity: Application and Infrastructure KPIs linked to Business KPIs for effective value realization
  • Operational Excellence:  Reduced TCO for IT service delivery with wider use of automation, enhanced Business Process performance.
  • Standardization of IT Operation: Faster time to Market of Developments, accelerated IT support.
  • User Satisfaction & observability: Reduced business impact through Preventative actions on IT estate
  • Automation: Reduced TCO for IT service delivery with wider use of automation

According to ISG, Capgemini’s enterprise automation fabric strengths are its:

  • Unified IAaaS fabric that offers end-to-end coverage of all enterprise automation functions (including real-time bot deployment, monitoring, integration, analytics, and controls)
  • Proven intelligent automation strategies and roadmaps that cover feasibility assessment, business case creation, a target operational model and event management architecture
  • Unified architecture and its reusable components and tools
  • Hyperfocus on domain and sector goals

Full-scale of automation services portfolio, Enterprise Automation Fabric helps our clients in the following ways:

  • It shifts the needle from limited value, isolated deployments to enterprise-wide, AI-infused automation led operations, at scale.
  • It acts as a catalyst for adoption at pace, and scale –enabled by a dynamic cloud-based architecture and unique central orchestration and ready to use tool sets and best practices for addressing various areas of operations.
  • It is backed by the vast experience and rich repository of reusable solutions, accelerators and out of box functionalities to expedite adoption for our clients.
  •  It delivers radical process efficiencies and provides innovation to enhance revenue and drive business results.

 Enterprise Automation Fabric success stories, let’s build yours…

Enterprise automation fabric at the heart of Intelligent Automated Managed Services so called ADMnext

ADMnext is Capgemini’s full-stack transformational approach focused on sustained business improvement that goes beyond just operational excellence and cost-effectiveness. 

It delivers Intelligent Automated Managed Services that transform Enterprise IT to make it the true asset for a client’s business that it should be. ADMnext drives business value by aligning IT to business imperatives powered by an enterprise-wide, automation-first approach, underpinned by a clear view to both IT and business metrics. This insights-driven method delivers ADM services that are predictive and preventative ensuring stability and resilience through tools that enable clear sighted decision making for the future of your IT landscape as well as optimizing your current one.

We transform IT services for our clients to go from a passive role that “keeps the lights on” to an active enabler of business growth that “makes the lights shine brighter.”


Pierre Joly

Senior Director, ADM Center Of Excellence Principal (CoE)
Pierre has over 30 years of Experience in providing leadership in the ICT industry with a proven track record in Business Unit & Delivery Management. As an expert business enabler on comprehensive engagements, his impact starts from the early stages of Solution Architecture to successful execution to accelerate tangible economic & business value for Capgemini customers. With proven accomplishments in Talent development, strategic solution design while excelling in delivery, and experience in digital transformation, Pierre‘s ADM CoE enables customers to accelerate the Legacy sunset to the new Digital core to enable Business focus, Agility & Sustainability while optimizing TCO.