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The pace of global transformation is swift, and customer demands and expectations are undergoing unprecedented evolution.

Regardless of the industry, the market is experiencing rapid change, with clients increasingly expecting year-on-year progress in cost optimization, enhanced delivery quality, and swift value realization. It is essential to respond to these dynamic market demands with agility, leveraging valuable insights with seamless and continually evolving employee and customer experiences to elevate your business performance and foster growth.

What are your challenges as a CIO/CTO/CDO/CXO?

CXOs are keeping pace with the changing tech trends and driving digital transformation. This journey can be far from smooth unless they align their IT operations with their business goals which are at once agile, available, and cost-effective.

Through our extensive experience working with clients across various industries, we’ve observed that client expectations continue to evolve. Today, our top priority is consistently placing customer experience above all else.

As company leaders, we comprehend several expectations you may have from us.

  • Management of digital assets and their utilization & performance
  • Enhanced internal user experience.
  • Automation, driven by data and executed in an autonomous mode.
  • Ability to utilize data to drive analysis & actions, avoiding human intervention.
  • Ongoing improvement to intelligence leveraging knowledge gathered and self-learning.
  • Analytics and reporting to record and analyze usage and performance.
  • Ability to monitor customer experience though Business KPIs and underlying IT KPIs

We at Capgemini help you to cope with those challenges. We constantly innovate and evolve our services to progress toward this digital transformation amidst a hybrid world of work and data-driven business decisions. Our goal is to empower companies to achieve business value and ROI through our business-aligned services underpinned by forward-looking solutions.

Here is a quick definition by Everest Group, Vice President for Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric

“Capgemini has exhibited considerable proficiency in utilizing ​cloud technology and boasts a diverse intelligent automation solution portfolio, including a wide range of packaged solutions across different process areas. Capgemini also supports clients ​with automation-based ESG advisory and sustainable transformation services.”​

Vaibhav Bansal, Vice President,​
  Everest Group”

Our Enterprise Automation Fabric is one of our key solutions to deliver this value to our clients.

What is Enterprise Automation Fabric?

Enterprise Automation Fabric is an insights-driven, purpose-built, plug and play system to unlock a seamless digital IT-management ecosystem. It enables our integrated infrastructure, applications, and business operations services to provide insights driven automation at its full potential for businesses to reap maximum value across the entire operation, and at scale.

The Fabric helps organizations to move from operations focused, limited value, isolated deployment of automation to an enterprise-wide, automation-first approach. It means that our clients can now accelerate their automation journey and unlock value across the business and IT operations.

Enterprise Automation Fabric underpins our commitment to deliver surprise-free IT Services that address key objectives of CXOs by ensuring,

  • Enhanced business process efficiency: cost reduction, removal of workarounds, etc.
  • Increased business process availability and stability.
  • Faster decision making underpinned by predictive insights.
  • Reduced TCO for IT service delivery with wider use of automation.
  • A seamless customer experience.
Services enabled by Enterprise Automation Fabric

    Application development and maintenance

    ADMnext. Enabling infinite possibilities

    Employee experience

    Make the “future of work” work for you!

    Cloud for enterprise management

    A world in flux demands more flexible businesses. Our cloud services deliver IT environments that are agile, modern, and connected via the cloud

    Enterprise service management

    Enterprise service management goes well beyond IT. It digitizes and automates adjacent functions like HR, security, finance, and CRM, to put the

      Here’s what our analysts have to say about us.

      “In the post-pandemic era, enterprises are reinventing their business models by turning data into business intelligence. Capgemini is catering to this enterprise need by offering data-driven intelligent process automation services. Capgemini’s strong presence in major geographies, sharp focus on expanding cognitive asset repository, and comprehensive coverage across the automation value chain makes it a prominent player in the intelligent automation space. These features have placed it as a leader in Avasant’s Intelligent Automation Services 2021-2022 RadarView.”

      Chandrika Dutt, Avasant’s Research Leader

      “Capgemini’s frictionless enterprise concept has been impressing customers with its focus on driving real business outcomes. With automation, AI and analytics at its heart, the capability to drive the seamless and intelligent flow of information across the ecosystem of employees, customers, and partners is very compelling.”

      Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst

      “Capgemini has exhibited considerable proficiency in utilizing
      cloud technology and boasts a diverse intelligent automation solution portfolio, including a wide range of packaged solutions across different process areas. Capgemini also supports clients with automation-based ESG advisory and sustainable transformation services.”

      Vaibhav Bansal, Vice President, Everest Group

      “Capgemini brings in best-of-breed innovation and industry experience for a sustainable IEA offering, while its unique approach to AIOps presents a distinct advantage to enterprise clients”

      Ashwin Gaidhani, ISG Research Partner: Enterprise Governance & Strategy Advisor”

      Nelson Hall has published a perspective featuring Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric on their Blog.

      “Capgemini Enterprise Automation Fabric Moves Beyond IT Incident Management to Driving Business KPIs”

      By Analyst John Willmott, CEO at Nelson Hall

      Here is a point of view published by Everest Group, with Capgemini on Enterprise Automation Fabric

      “Emergence of Enterprise Automation: The Next Frontier for Realizing Superior Business Value,”

      Everest analysts – Vaibhav Bansal, Alisha Mittal, Anish Nath, and Mohammed Riyaz

      Meet our experts

      Ashish Joshi

      Product Owner, Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric
      Ashish Joshi is the lead, design authority for Enterprise Automation Fabric, overseeing its architecture and design. Collaborating with business lines, Ashish defines the evolution roadmap and its implementation. He is also an expert in driving digital transformations for clients, architecting cloud-native applications in AWS/Azure, and excelling in platform engineering.

      Sonal Chaturvedi

      Vice President Group Industrialization
      Sonal is a Vice President in Capgemini’s Group Industrialization unit, leading the design authority for the function and overseeing its evolution. His team is dedicated to automation, AI-driven solutions, and data analytics, focusing on delivering cutting-edge innovations that drive efficiency and value for our clients.

      Jerome Thomas

      Expert in Industrialization, Automation, Innovation and Generative AI
      Jerome Thomas is Capgemini’s Head of Industrialization, Automation, Innovation, and Generative AI for Application Development & Maintenance Services. He’s been with the company for more than two decades and has extensive experience in transformation and solution deployment. He’s driven by the objective to design collectively better business for all stakeholders, external and internal clients.

      Gary James

      Head of ADMnext offer  – Europe
      I lead the development and market engagement for Capgemini’s European ADM Center of Excellence. Building on over 25 years of experience in business applications, I work with clients to ensure that their application strategies and services are aligned to their requirements in a dynamic, ever-changing market. The majority of those 25 years have been spent on, or around, SAP technologies and services where I have worked globally on a number of implementations – as well as the creation of Operating Models to support and enhance existing multi-component SAP landscapes.