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Automating the accounts receivable process makes it truly frictionless

Teodor Movila
Sep 22, 2023

Implementing an autonomous order-to-cash platform automates customer communications and analyzes customer behaviors and payment trends in a timelier and more proactive way to drive a frictionless accounts receivable process.

There was a time when adding notes around any aspect of the order-to-cash (O2C) process for your client accounts was complicated. You needed to remember every name, detail, and amount – as well as every document you shared and every follow up action that needed to be carried out.

It didn’t matter if these actions were related to shipping, processing, or any other aspect of the O2C cycle – you would have to record every single action, as there was no other way to track your actions. But such were the times, and you did all of this to comply with everything from account management requirements all the way to audit and legal requirements.

Thankfully, these times have long gone. But understanding your customers’ payment behaviors still remains challenging – and often leads to poor customer experience and payment delays within the collections sphere.

Technology drives enhanced order-to-cash

O2C technology has come a long way over the last few years – especially with the advent of autonomous, data-driven accounts receivable platforms.

Implementing a cloud-based O2C platform enables you to:

  • Automate your customer communications in a timelier and proactive way
  • Analyze customer behaviors and payment trends quickly and easily
  • Notate client accounts to make recording and tracking actions much easier
  • Carry out automated and timely follow ups.

All of this impacts customer experience in a positive way, reducing friction in the collections environment and improving your accounts receivable process. In addition, leveraging accounts receivable tools such as High Radius ensure speedier, more thorough follow ups – driving better reporting and significantly improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Tangible benefits that go beyond collections

It’s also important to note that an autonomous O2C platform does a lot more than just handling collections. It also improves claims reduction, cash applications, and credit management, which brings real, tangible results to your company – reducing days sales outstanding and days deduction outstanding, while increasing cash flow and working capital.

The bottom line is: implementing a next-generation, autonomous O2C platform can future-proof your accounts receivable operations, helping your organization move towards the Frictionless Enterprise.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s AI.Receivables solution helps implement an autonomous, frictionless O2C platform across your accounts receivable function, contact:

About author

Teodor Movila

Forecast to Cash Global Process Owner, Capgemini’s Business Services
Teodor Movila has worked on and led major C2C projects covering process solution design, transformation, and implementation, leveraging digital, analytics, and AI/ML assets to deliver enhanced business outcomes for clients across industries and geographies.