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Connected Marketing

Connected Marketing

Are you looking for more customers?

Or, you want to understand your current customers better – for example what they care about most, and how you could drive higher engagement with them.

Do you have a desire to personalize experiences across channels?

Do you want to manage your events in the modern way?

We can help you with strategy for marketing campaigns, streamlining the process of launching campaigns, improving the results of your loyalty campaign and much more.

We provide the Dynamics 365 technology tools, Power Platform with AI-driven insights and our business experience to enable your marketing activities allowing you to focus on strategy and ideation. We streamline the process of launching campaigns, events, inbound marketing and much more so you can concentrate on growth and accelerate your business.


Accelerate your Digital transformation, Process efficiency, and Business agility with Dynamics Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.
Capgemini has helped multiple organizations thrive in their business, leveraging the Dynamics Apps portfolio.
We are positioned to drive these changes in an agile, secure and consistent way.

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