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Analytics & Cognitive

Analytics & Cognitive

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence are the themes when it comes to the IT-driven business development happening in your operations. There has been talk of information and insight-driven companies for some time now, and this is an ever-increasing focus. Information is said to be the new currency, and now it’s time to convert it to value!

The components of the new digital landscape that everyone needs to relate to are many and can be partially summarized by the concept of Digital Platform, that is, the foundation and enabling of a successful digital transformation where the information in the organization can flow freely. The focus has shifted from streamlining in core processes, such as purchasing, warehousing and sales, to support processes for governance, management, efficiency, digitization and information exchange. Interoperability becomes the new key word when everything should work together.

At Capgemini, we have gathered the functional areas that support this transformation towards the digital interoperable landscape under one umbrella; Analytics & Cognitive. The solutions, competence and technology are based on information-driven development and are gathered under concepts such as Master Data, Integration, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The applications are manifold with the common approach of using information to contribute to your success.


Accelerate your Digital transformation, Process efficiency, and Business agility with Dynamics Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.
Capgemini has helped multiple organizations thrive in their business, leveraging the Dynamics Apps portfolio.
We are positioned to drive these changes in an agile, secure and consistent way.

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