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Synthetic Biology


Advances in synthetic biology are unlocking a new industrial revolution to meet economic, environmental, and societal imperatives

What is synthetic biology? ‘SynBio’ is an emerging discipline of biotechnology with disruptive potential across all industries – whether addressing the climate crisis through biodegradable products and novel strategies for re-capturing carbon or enabling new drugs and therapies that unlock unparalleled levels of personalized medicine.

Also known as ‘engineering biology,’ synthetic biology leverages AI and other innovative technologies and processes to radically reduce the time and cost of realizing biotech solutions. From life sciences to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals to consumer goods, the applications for synthetic biology are helping leading organizations meet the moment in truly disruptive and awe-inspiring ways.

At Capgemini Invent, we have a highly unusual set of scientific, engineering, computational and advisory skills to help clients navigate the E2E process of creating and launching new BioSolutions.

Applications of synthetic biology

Across all industries, synthetic biology is changing the world in new and powerful ways.

Pharmaceuticals & medicine

Enabling new forms of advanced drug discovery and antibody production, tissue engineering, gene therapies, and diagnostics for more effective healthcare

Enabling the production of new and more sustainable biofuels like biodiesel and bioethanol that can reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Creating alternative solutions for materials like packaging, fabrics, and plastics, together with chemicals and ingredients, in areas like fertilizers, detergents, fragrances, and solvents with more sustainable footprints

Creating higher performance crops with more sustainable production and the ability to grow synthetic food and proteins in labs

Capturing carbon in new ways, creating biosensors that alert to the presence of pollutants, and offering approaches to clean/purify resources and chemical waste

How we can help: accelerating your bioeconomy journey

At Capgemini Invent we help clients successfully navigate the end-to-end journey, from creating a compelling new SynBio vision, to practical breakthrough biotech realization and commercial impact.

We guide visionary start-ups and large multinationals alike in driving a bioeconomy strategy. Our expertise spans ‘engineered’ synthetic biology, assay development, physical scale-up engineering, digital twinning and AI. Facilities include state-of-the-art, AI-driven synthetic biology labs, engineering facilities, and a server farm to solve the toughest technical and scientific challenges.

Additionally, our biotech consultants will help you explore opportunities, build business and sustainability cases, test feasibility, and manage your innovation budget and timescale for highest business impact.

Synthetic biology

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Meet our experts

Richard Traherne

Head of Synthetic Biology and Next Frontiers at Capgemini Invent
Richard Traherne leads Capgemini’s biotech capability and shapes new strategic business areas at Capgemini Invent by leveraging the company’s innovation expertise to create novel solutions. He has extensive experience in leadership, R&D, and international business development. His focus is on impactful innovation that drives positive change.