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Cloud is the foundation for digital agility. It changes the way we live, enables us to do more with less, and accelerates the pace of innovation. Capgemini’s transformational cloud services help businesses create exceptional experiences and unlock new streams of sustainable profit.


Cloud strategy
Helping you find competitive advantage as a cloud-first organization

Cloud applications
Increasing your performance with best-fit applications and migration services

Cloud infrastructure
Delivering safe and controlled infrastructure to public, private and hybrid cloud.

Client Stories

Supporting a greener planet with Smartly

Background: Norway is leading the way in electric car adoption. Smartly grasped the country’s bold vision of only selling cars powered with renewable energy from 2025 onwards. The company took it as its mission to help the nation on its way to a greener future.

Solution: Smartly teamed up with Capgemini’s subsidiary Sogeti to encourage Norwegians in making the shift to EVs. Growing demand for EV charging had brought up the need for hassle-free charging and billing. In just six weeks, we moved from proof-of-concept into a cloud connected mobile app built on Microsoft Azure. The application is a showcase of Capgemini’s expertise in cloud native technology and in measurable digital customer experiences.

Impact: Smartly’s application adds to the experience by allowing EV owners to manage charging from their devices. It also helps manage billing when multiple people use a charger. This makes the adoption of EV charging ports more attractive and therefore accelerates the nation’s progress towards its visio

Extracting value from IoT analytics

Background: Telenor Connexion provides high quality mobile connectivity at global scale. They identified an opportunity to realize untapped potential by making their vast supply of connectivity data more usable to the company and its clients.

Solution: We accepted the challenge of turning Telenor’s global data into usable insights. Together, we built a cloud-based real-time troubleshooting system on the AWS platform. The solution helps Telenor’s customers understand their IoT data collected from mobile networks and connected devices. The system uses data analysis to predict network issues and to prescribe solutions. This improves Telenor’s ability to troubleshoot faster and keep the costs of maintenance and infrastructure low.

Impact: With their improved data analysis capabilities, Telenor has better strategic insight to network performance, which empowers them to optimize costs and uncover new revenue streams. For customers, the new system makes troubleshooting easier and much faster, leading to reduced downtime and costs.

Attaining first mover advantage with cloud

Background: Danish financial services group Alm. Brand identified a cloud-first trend rising in the competitive landscape. To beat the market to a position where Alm. Brand could provide the preferred solutions, they embarked on a complete cloud transformation journey with Capgemini.

Solution: The aim of our collaboration is to help Alm. Brand adopt cloud as the digital foundation of their business. During the 2–3-year migration process, the customer’s data centers will be moved fully to the cloud. This transformation enables Alm. Brand to establish a digital infrastructure that supports the development of solutions for specific customer groups.

Impact: The cloud transformation secures Alm. Brand’s position as a preferred service provider. Cloud enables them to accelerate the development of new digital solutions, and opens up partnership opportunities within the insurance business. For the end customer, our collaboration results in an improved service experience across Alm. Brand’s offering portfolio.

Driving an end-to-end cloud transformation

Background: Leading Norwegian energy company Equinor and Capgemini extended the long-standing partnership. This renewal deepens the strategic relationship and brings continued support to Equinor on their digital transformation journey.

Solution: Equinor has received substantial value from Capgemini’s scalable global IT delivery model so far. The renewed contract aims to build on prior work, while modernizing Equinor’s SAP and other IT solutions, enabling their cloud transformation and implementing agile principles.

Impact: Capgemini’s global delivery model has proven to materialize as cost competitive and scalable solutions. Our expertise in cloud-based operations enables Equinor to become a highly adaptive cloud-first organization that keeps up with fast paced technological and market developments.

Excel in the cloud with Capgemini

We deliver end-to-end transformations that bring cloud into the core of the customer’s business. Clients trust us to take them to the cloud because we have:

  • Unmatched drive towards discovering the cloud solutions of tomorrow and turning them into a sustainable competitive advantage for the customer today.
  • The brightest minds with extensive experience from uniquely challenging digital transformations in a range of industries.
  • Strong capabilities to build and develop cloud solutions on the most powerful platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.
  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology and the best ways to utilize its principles to help your organization deliver value to market faster and with higher quality.
  • Agile ways of delivering projects that connect the vitals of the organization with customers in a clean and functional cloud service.
  • Unlimited curiosity to push the boundaries of what organizations can achieve with modern and upcoming technologies.

Cloud delivery hub: A glocal approach to cloud-driven value

Capgemini Finland can deliver first class Cloud services through the capabilities of its Cloud Delivery Hub. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability of providing high quality cloud services, tailored to the needs of the customer, thanks to our agile and flexible approach. We can start for example with a Proof of Concept project to validate a customer business need, and from there build the final technical solution. Our team of local experts can provide the level of intimacy and long lasting relationships, as desired by customer. The local, agile and personalized, high quality services are backed by the world wide assets that Capgemini as a group can provide, in terms of people, process, technologies and partner relationships. Where economies of scale are needed, we can provide a team of offshore experts, that can help executing customer engagements in a cost-effective fashion.

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