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Advancing businesses with the power of cloud-native applications

Capgemini enables businesses to differentiate from their competition by delivering cloud development know-how and expertise in applications and platforms.

There are several aspects of cloud development, such like as-is migration of applications to the cloud (often referred to as lift and shift) as well as refactoring and re-architecting of existing applications to be fit for cloud usage.

By its very definition, the role of cloud-native is to be an enabler for the day-to-day needs of organisations, allowing them to react to the unique needs of their business and customers more efficiently.

Strategising a design for disruption

From manufacturing and retail to public utilities and municipalities, Capgemini is helping our clients to reinvent their businesses and the ways they do business.

Backed by decades of agile excellence and DevOps experience, we innovate new cloud-native services and solutions alongside our customers and provide them with the ways and means to make their business operations more efficient, enabling them to offer modernised and improved experiences for their own customers.

Cloud-native: transforming where IT enables business

  • Agile and BDD excellence: Our clear focus on customer needs means we help our clients move away from outdated ways of working and introduce increased business value and communication between IT teams and their business counterparts.
  • Containerization: With containerization execution and multi-cloud data solutions, we eliminate the risks associated with multiple languages, libraries and frameworks.
  • DevOps: With an end-to-end approach to automation and continuous deployment, we bring a culture shift with a modern twist to organisations, including improved skills and business capabilities.
  • Micro-services: We enable businesses and operations to scale quickly and efficiently, using incremental microservices and accelerating their time to market.

Customers in Finland can now access top-notch cloud and DevOps services leveraging Capgemini global capabilities and strong partner relationships. We can combine global scale with local business environment knowledge and customer intimacy. We can cover cost-efficient services throughout the lifecycle, from development to operations – always guided by the customer’s specific requirements. ”

— Simone Leggio, Head Of Cloud and DevOps Practice at Capgemini Finland

Your business drives our solution

With the help of cloud technologies, we work together alongside our clients to ensure IT and business are kept fully in sync. It is the core of our cloud-native approach where Capgemini finds solutions for organisations in a range of industries, basing the correct applications on the unique needs of each business.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch to see how our cloud-native approach can help your operation.
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Discover how Capgemini cloud solutions are delivering business value to customers in a range of industries