Diversity & CSR

Diversity for innovative, inclusive & creative solutions

We commit to improve our collective performance by leveraging our inclusive work environment where diverse talents can thrive.


Architects of Positive Futures

Discover how we bring innovation to all.

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Our commitment to drive positive change

Hire and develop the best talents

  • Create more and broader pathways through our international environment
  • Enable our employees to thrive with learning and development program

Build inclusive workplaces

  • Provide a sound and fair working environment
  • Support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Leverage diversity as a source for innovation and inspiration

Collaborate for diversity, equity and inclusion

  • with our clients
  • with our partners
  • with our peers

Meet our team

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Digital Inclusion, Environmental sustainability.

Shobha Meera

Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

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