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Client story

ADMnext helps a global imaging solutions provider deliver excellence

Innovation across the entire spectrum with Capgemini ADMnext’s Design Office

Client Challenges: To foster a culture of innovation and help in proactively identifying issues, solving them and continuously improving the delivery of services 


  • 826 ideas across the areas of automation, application renovation, problem/incident management, and proactive monitoring were submitted during the gamification initiative, Vertical Take-Off 1, out of which 456 ideas were approved and 340 were implemented 
  • A follow-up exercise called Vertical Take-Off 2 resulted in the submission of 716 new ideas – out of which 115 were approved. Currently, 22 POCs have been approved with 15 ideas already implemented 
  • Vertical Take-Off 1 resulted in savings of approximately €300,000 
  • Vertical Take-Off 2 resulted in €1.1 million in revenue recognized on time and €2 million worth inventory valuation corrected/ reconciled 

The Client 

Our client is headquartered in London, has a presence in 120 countries and employs 19,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). To manage its EMEA presence, the company has a number of regional HQs across Europe, with their principal offices being in London (United Kingdom), Amstelveen and Venlo (The Netherlands), and Poing (Germany). 

As part of our ADM contract, we were initially focused on service delivery and stabilization, beginning with sourcing automation solutions for cost reduction in 2018. To do this, we relied on one of our key offerings within our ADMnext portfolio – Automation Drive. The immediate focus was on SAP services (particularly procurement processes and operations), which were reporting a very high number of tickets on an ongoing basis. 

Their parent company is a world-leading innovator and provider of imaging solutions for businesses and consumers. Its solutions comprise products ranging from digital compact and SLR cameras, broadcast lenses, portable X-ray machines, and multi-function and production printers. These are all supported by a range of value-adding services. The company is widely reputed to be one of the most innovative and environment-friendly companies in the world today.

The Challenge 

Capgemini has been working with this client’s EMEA operations since 2010, primarily providing application management services for its diverse portfolio of applications, which includes a substantial legacy component. Over time, Capgemini has become one of their trusted partners – and this trust was reflected in the signing of the “Beyond” contract in 2018. Our ADM contract was renewed and extended until 2023, and IT infrastructure support services were also added to the SLA. 

This contract renewal was a reflection of Capgemini’s success in meeting its delivery commitments. A need was felt to not just go beyond the usual and bring further improvements to their application and infrastructure landscape, but to do so in a manner that showcased our innovative capabilities. The objective was to foster a culture of innovation within the delivery team and help in co-creating client value delivery. To achieve this objective, Capgemini leveraged one of the most important components of our ADMnext offering – Capgemini’s Design Office – a platform that contains proven tools, frameworks, and processes for ideation, as well as all the resources and support to turn ideas into reality. 

The Solution and Benefits 

In 2016, with the support of Design Office, Capgemini launched a limited exercise called the “Super Mario initiative.” The learnings from this gamification initiative were then applied to create the more wide-ranging initiatives of“Vertical Take-Off 1” in 2017 and “Vertical Take- Off 2” in 2018. 

The gamification route proved to be key in making the whole exercise more dynamic, competitive, and interesting. Participants from across all towers working on the engagement were invited to form teams of 5-6 members and compete against each other in a game called “Vertical Take- Off Age of IT.” The objective? To tackle threats such as the “wolves of inefficiency” or “service stoppers den” and save the client’s application chateau from annihilation. 

As part of the game, the teams would choose one of five different areas (i.e., the “wolves of inefficiency” mentioned above) and submit their ideas. These ideas were then judged on a weekly basis by an eight-member council team, consisting of senior technical and delivery personnel. More points were given for ideas in identified problem areas, and the points continued to multiply as the ideas went from the concept stage to the POC stage to being implemented. The points that teams got helped push threats (such as the “bugs from the bogs of inferiority”) further away from the client’s application chateau and saving it. 

All this was tracked on a dedicated portal where the teams registered, submitted their ideas, and tracked their scores. The council, in turn, would put up the weekly scores, declare the weekly winners, and also provide frequent updates about critical areas where more points could be won. In addition, client SMEs got involved in sponsoring the different teams, working on refining their ideas, and even suggesting new ones. Ideas, once approved by the council, were uploaded to the client’s Yammer with the relevant stakeholders being tagged to spark a discussion. No surprise then, that both VTO-1 and VTO-2 saw huge participation, with 18-19 teams of 5-8 members participating in each exercise.

“The continued improvement and trust that Capgemini has shown has led to this relationship extension. I am very excited to announce ‘#Beyond’ which will help continue this fascinating journey with Capgemini.”  

Client’s IT Director


Vertical Take-Off 1 results: 

  • Quantified savings of €300,000 with €180,000 saved in licensing costs 
  • A savings of 81,771 work-hours due to automation ideas implemented 
  • Five hundred hours of additional RFW work implemented at no cost 
  • 24 app performance improvements implemented 
  • Proactive fixes, which prevented 2,727 tickets from coming up 

Vertical Take-Off 2 results: 

  • €1.1 million in revenue recognized on-time and €2 million worth of inventory valuation corrected/reconciled 
  • 15,388 hours of IT/ Business work saved 
  • Proactive fixes, which pre-empted an average of 630 tickets/month 
  • Implementation of 20+ business agility ideas 

Vertical Take-Off 2 key takeaways: 

  • Symphony and Generations business benefits delivered via Vertical Take-Off 2 
  • Scones business benefits delivered via Vertical Take-Off-2 

With the second edition of VTO coming to a close, I am very proud and excited to say that this too has been a resounding success. This event saw active participation from stakeholders across IT and business, which we could witness clearly on Yammer. I am very confident that a third edition is on the horizon.”

Client’s CIO 

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