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Why Burning Hydrogen in Internal Combustion Engines is a Smart and Affordable Option for Reducing CO2 Emissions

Transportation accounts for nearly 20% of the world’s emissions.

Electrification is fine for many road vehicles, but is limited for ships, planes and heavy machinery. Adapting Internal Combustion Engines to burn hydrogen could offer a smart and affordable solution.

In our new report, authored by hydrogen expert Jean Luc Chabaudie, we explore:

  • Limitations of battery technology, and the advantages of hydrogen fuelled ICEs
  • Challenges of onboard hydrogen fuel storage to overcome, including energy density and pressure
  • Technical challenges of adapting ICEs to burn hydrogen
  • Real-world innovations in automotive, aerospace, and shipping
  • Interviews with Green Corp Konnection (GCK), an innovative player in green mobility, and Arquus, leader in defence ground mobility, discussing their on-the-ground experience of hydrogen combustion vehicles