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Financial services

Transformation is a team sport – applying technovision to operationalize transformation programs

A report in partnership with Aite-Novarica Group

The business model capital markets firms are using to maintain, upgrade, and enhance technology is broken. It does not work in an environment where step change, rather than incremental change, is the norm, and where singular changes to data or workflow can have cascading implications across the business.

In the current business model, technology changes alone cannot solve today’s industry issues, including operational resiliency, regulatory compliance, and sustained competition. Increased use of outsourcing and cloud providers expands the number of interested and impacted parties and makes transformation all that much more complex. As firms embrace technology upgrades or business transformations, they need an innovative approach.

In this paper, along with Aite-Novarica Group, we explore the key elements of successful business transformation. We then outline four initiatives across the capital markets industry that will require firms to embrace new collaborative approaches to business redesign.

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We believe that the future of financial services will comprise an equilibrium between centralized and decentralized financial systems and components, driving constant and rapid innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Decentralized Futures: Implications for financial institutions

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Meet our experts

Sudhir Pai

CTIO, Financial Services
Sudhir is the EVP and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO) for the Global Financial Services business at Capgemini. He is also a thought leader, speaker, blogger and business advisor for the CXO’s in the finance industry.

Sankar Krishnan

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, Capgemini Financial Services

Muhammed Ahmed

Portfolio Manager, Financial Services
Ahmed leads strategic initiatives around emerging technologies for the global financial services business at Capgemini. As a strategy consultant, he has rich and diverse experience in helping enterprises become future-ready leveraging the power of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, quantum computing, 5G, IoT and metaverse.

Nilesh Vaidya

Global Head of Banking and Capital Markets