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Innovation Nation Summer 2022 edition
Business operations

Innovation Nation | summer 2022

Special feature: Intelligent Supply Chain Operations

As we all know, geopolitical crises, climate change, and pandemics have drastically impacted global supply chains, and organizations are desperate to solve their own supply chain disruption. However, we propose that what we are facing now isn’t a supply chain crisis, but rather a consumer crisis.

The expectations we, as consumers, have all been conditioned to demand, such as greater product customization, ever shorter order fulfillment times, and immediate logistics management, have now been called into question. However, for organizations that can manage this new complex ecosystem, and continue to deliver on-demand service, huge opportunity awaits.

To deliver on this challenge, organizations need to reimagine the traditional supply chain through holistic digital transformation and ecosystem collaboration, and in doing so roll out intelligent, end-to-end data-driven solutions for consumers.

With this in mind, the summer 2022 edition of Innovation Nation focuses on how Capgemini is helping to design, deploy, and run intelligent supply chain operations for our clients in order for them to better serve their consumers.

Among the articles in our special feature, Jean-Pierre Petit (Digital Manufacturing Group Offer Leader, Capgemini) presents the six pillars needed to develop an efficient, agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chain for augmented customer centricity; while Sandip Sharma and Gaurav Karker discuss the challenges of implementing an intelligent, frictionless, and customer-centric supply chain function that delivers cognitive, touchless operations, and data-driven decision-making.

Jörg Junghanns (Vice President Europe, Intelligent Supply Chain Operations, Capgemini’s Business Services), Phil Davies (Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent), and Chandra Reddy (Executive Vice President, Capgemini Engineering) talk about how Capgemini’s global business lines leverage consulting, integration, operations, data, and cloud management to build an intelligent supply chain that can deliver new levels of resilience, performance, customer centricity, and sustainability to your customers.

The articles and interviews in this edition are aimed at helping you navigate this new paradigm and giving you the building blocks you need to build an intelligent supply chain that meets the needs of your organization to better serve your consumers.

Dharmendra Patwardhan
Global Head of the Intelligent Supply Chain Operations Practice, Business Services

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