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Navigating the Aftermarket

Examining the routes to aftersales value creation

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a driving force behind the current emission-reducing revolution. But the increased complexity with EVs means a commitment to dedicated aftersales service, including maintenance and repair, is key. All this is taking place against a landscape of shifting consumer preferences and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies reshaping mobility. It’s the dawn of a new era and OEMs must rethink their vehicle experience across the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, or risk sunsetting their competitive advantage. The result? OEMs need to be prepared to go the extra mile with their automotive aftermarket services strategy.

To explore these emerging services and gain deeper insights into the evolution of the automotive aftersales market, we surveyed 2,500 customers in five key automotive markets: Germany, US, UK, China, and Sweden. Alongside extensive research and expert interviews, our findings pinpointed five core dynamics that are steering the automotive industry into a new era of aftersales products and services.

Five core dynamics fueling the transition of the automotive aftersales industry

So what is the specific roadmap for OEMs to tackle these challenges? To survive and thrive in the future, OEMs will need to start investing in new, prosperous profit pools. But action must start now and there are several concrete steps they can take to ensure their aftermarket service offerings are built to be adaptable and primed for success.

Discover how to navigate your route to aftersales service value creation

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Sebastian Tschödrich

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Automotive, Capgemini Invent
I have been working in automotive consulting for 14 years, with experience in Europe and China. Currently based in Munich, I am responsible for the global automotive consulting business and part of the global leadership team at Capgemini Invent.

Anne Junge

Vice President, Head of Customer Transformation at Capgemini Invent Germany
Anne is Senior Director at Capgemini Invent with several years of consulting and industry experience in automotive. In Germany, she leads the “Sales & Commerce Transformation” unit and is additionally responsible for the global Automotive direct sales & agency sales portfolio. Anne collected significant project experience working with automotive OEMs in Europe and guiding organizations throughout the journey of their sales transformations.

Nadine Kirchhoff

Head of Sales & Commerce Transformation at Capgemini Invent
Nadine is an automotive sales & aftersales expert with numerous years of experience working for a diverse set of OEMs in the premium and volume segment across countries. Her focus is on aftersales strategy including future organization. With her team, she is focusing on end-to-end customer journey design and bringing customer experience to the next level.

Sebastian Marschall

Head of Connected Products & Services at Capgemini Invent
Sebastian is a Director at Capgemini Invent, leading our Connected Products & Services unit in Germany, along with the associated offering “Connected World.” He actively consults our clients in unlocking top line growth potentials and operational efficiencies by developing innovative digital service portfolios and new business models around connected solutions. Leveraging our established end-to-end methodology, Sebastian provides comprehensive support to our clients.

Isabelle Orlea

Senior Manager at Capgemini Invent
Isabelle is a Senior Manager within the Customer Transformation practice of Capgemini Invent. With her dealership background and her experience working with a diverse set of OEMs, she brings expertise in automotive aftersales. She is passionate about customer loyalty, in particular designing and implementing programs that help dealers improve their daily business and ultimately boost customer experience. Isabelle is a forward-thinker and supports OEMs to define what’s next in their aftersales strategies.

Katharina Schuback-Ruther

Manager at Capgemini Invent
Katharina is a manager with over 5 years of consulting experience in the automotive industry. She is experienced in defining the customer experience vision within aftersales, especially for premium OEMs, including the implementation and rollout of aftersales initiatives.