#addher – Sweden’s largest network for women in IT

”There are no women in the IT sector” or “Women do not have the right IT expertise to…” are statements heard in the IT sector. We believe these are mere myths and always aim for a good gender balance of the right professionals and experts within our organizations. Through the years we have taken concrete action and invested heavily in women-oriented initiatives to bring about this balance.

Since the launch in 2010, we have driven #addher (formerly known as winIT)  towards making Sweden’s fantastic IT women stand out in all roles and positions in the industry, and attracting more women to our sector.
Our network has grown substantially and in the last few years, has grown to be Sweden’s largest network for women in IT with over 5000 members across 17 locations. We meet several times a year within our local networks and our events include both hard (latest technology) and soft (inspirational sessions) topics.

Our gatherings are aimed at boosting their expertise and visibility, and also to provide the connect for anyone looking for IT women professionals for their projects, teams, networks – and even for their Boards.
Between our meet ups, our members stay in touch via Facebook groups that are by-invite-only in every location.

Our #addher locations

#addher is available in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Borlänge, Gävle, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Karlstad, Linköping, Luleå, Skövde, Sundsvall, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro and Örnsköldsvik.

The larger the network, the bigger the impact!

#addher encourages all members as well as our network of contacts and friends in the sector to provide visibility to our colleagues via our #addher Sverige groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. There are several ways to do this:

1) Look up your local network on Facebook and ask to become a member.  Search for: #addher Stockholm, #addher Skåne, #addher Göteborg,  and so on, by location.

2) Register to one of our events. Upcoming events are posted on our website and via social media.

3) Contact the driver for your local network. Check for the location nearest to you and contact the network driver there from the details further below with a request to join.

4) Refer a member. Once you are a member,  invite other IT women to join the network.

5) Evangelize. Anyone can play an active part in this initiative. If you are keen to provide visibility to IT women in Sweden,  check the social media links on LinkedIn in and Facebook. Are your favorite women professionals in IT  featured? If not, add them! And you can also post information about gender-balance related professional events and interesting articles and reports in these groups.

Match and Go – Sweden’s largest mentorship initiative

Together with our collaborative network DataTjej , we have launched a mentorship initiative where you can either become a mentor or an adept. We match people for sharing professional experiences and even contacts. The first round of Match and Go was a great success and was run between September 2018 and January 2019. A second round began in February 2019 and will run through June 2019. If you are interested in becoming a future mentor or adept, then read more here .

Host companies make our network relevant and interesting

It is both fun and easy to be a host company. Organizations with members in  #addher network can become host companies for #addher events, lending more visibility to their experts and role models, rolling out gender-balance initiatives and sharing technology expertise as well as innovative projects for exponential impact.  Which women (or men) stand out in your business as extra talented or particularly inspirational? What exciting projects are you doing? Do you have an inspirational external speaker to match the network that you would like to invite?

# addher events highlights your business connect for a clear target group – IT women. As a host company, your business logo is displayed in the email invitation sent out for the event and on the page on Sogeti’s website where interested parties can register.

As an initiator of #addher, we enable the management of invitations to future meetings, and contribute with rollups, nameplates and posters to make it easy to find both the premises and networking. Our local driver is always involved and initiates the event and can also handle any press releases and questionnaires after the event. We do not distribute any member list to our host companies, although like any member, networking with members on our physical meetings and on the respective local Facebook account only available for those who are part of the network is permitted.

Express your interest to be a host company for an upcoming # addher meeting to your location driver contact (featured below) and specify what type of event, content for presentation / lecture or speaker you’d like to get to the table and we will respond to you.

Our local #addher drivers


Driver: Karin Dahlgren

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Drivers: Jiho Moon
076-224 80 03


Driver:Karin Danielsson

Vår lokala Our local #addher Skåne Group on Facebook

Driver: Amanda Deneskär
072-363 60 83

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Li Strid 
072-536 25 03

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Anna Ardfors
070-675 84 79

Our local #addher Skåne Group on Facebook

Driver: Helena Någård
072-534 38 73

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Emilie Thelin
073-066 90 59

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Susanne Andersson Dahlén
072-451 95 67

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Helena Rosengren
076-808 71 97

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Drivers: Linnéa Filipsson (på bild) och Johanna Hansson
072-225 67 11 och 073-033 09 67

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Helene Askros
070-386 01 78

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Christina Nilsson
070-675 69 59

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Drivers: Kerstin Hällberg (in photo) and Therese Jacobsson
070-640 66 96 och 070-269 30 83

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Åsa Ajdert
070-343 34 70

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Anneli Rissanen
070-206 09 52

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Driver: Jenny-Ann Ehrling (in photo) and Jana Gullberg
072-204 75 19 och 073-059 65 02

Our local #addher Group on Facebook

Drivers: Sofie Ödmark (in photo) and Maria Näsholm
070-281 87 05 och 070-536 60 95