Customer Messaging Service

Customer Messaging Services – CusMeS – is to be perceived as a pioneer for customer-centric communication, working via a centralized cloud service. It provides a considerable amount of channels to approach your clients and is speaking many languages – in order to establish the capability of reaching out globally towards your customers and enhance your level of service and communication. Moreover, the accessibility and easyness to use enables simplicity and velocity within the process.

CusMeS Benefits in a Nutshell

Centralized Cloud Service

Multichannel Delivery

Multilingual Execution

Centralized and Multifunctional Cloud Servicing

CusMeS is able to improve and simplify the delivery process of messaging. Within the application, every message is scalable and you can utilize synergy effects in order to reduce repetetive workload. Components like the salutation, the signature or the legal footer are available for all messages and are managed centrally. Furthermore, CusMeS provides various features, like reading receipt information or fallback mechanics, but is also continuously adding requested or established peculiarities – with an eye on economical meaningfulness and an availability for every CusMeS-user. The centralized characteristic of the tool enables an installation-free and purely online service, where you can access and edit your contents from everywhere and everywhen.

Anyway, when communicating globally, reachability and connectivity is to be considered as a major key factor. At this, CusMeS provides you with an admirable amount of optional channels to reach out to your customers. Communicate via one of the already developed channels, like Email, SMS or the in-car Head-unit, or add your own specific output channel. Additionally, these procedures are possible in many different languages. Especially when having a multicultural and multiregional clientel, this capablity will allow you to aim at all of your consumers.


Aligned Content

Carefree Support

CusMeS Online

Customizable and Supported Service

With CusMeS Online we hand over the control of the tools for the customer message management to your hands. However, thereby you will not be facing a dense programming jungle. Instead you will find a surface – „what you see is what you get“ –  where you can easily fill and edit your contents as you wish. Subsequently, you can directly view your changes within the message and perform an immediate „go live“. Hence, you can maintain your contents permanently. And in case that your messages shall be terminated because they shall not be sent out directly, CusMeS online lets you schedule future go-lives easily.

Re-use message components from other messages or choose from a provided choice to give your communication a coherent look-and-feel and strengthen your corporate identity – so that your customers are capable of establishing a bond to you and your products as recognition value is critical. Moreover, to get an overview over the communication with each customer, just have a look at the communication history or extract a detailed reporting to gain deeper inside into your customer messaging activities. Of course, in case of any issues occurring, you would never have to hesitate to get in touch with our support team or the digital helpdesk tools. This counts also for suggestions, requests, ideas or anything what could come to your mind. We are there to support and accompany your along the process.

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