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Smart Retail Planner: Customer Driven Supply Chain

The rules of retail have changed.

Modern supply chains represent a delicate balance of disparate processes and organizational silos that can ultimately make or break your business. Transforming your merchandising and supply chain is a complex undertaking and, without the right expertise and guidance, transformation can disrupt your business negatively instead of enhancing it.

With technology playing a greater role in the personal lives of customers and their shopping habits, expectations have changed dramatically and have come to challenge the concept of what it takes to be a successful retailer.

Capgemini’s Smart Retail Planner is a holistic approach to addresses some of these complex challenges. From the integration of customer data and insights to core end-to-end merchandising and supply chain decisioning, Capgemini helps accelerate a retailer’s performance to ensure they get the right merchandise to the consumer … at the right time.

One size does not fit all in your retail environment and nor should it in your merchandising and supply chain. In this overview explore how Capgemini’s can partner with your company to not only understand your barriers but also to develop the customized merchandising and supply chain operating model necessary to adapt and thrive in the new reality of retailing.