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Drive efficient, customer-focused supply chain operations.

Managing an increasingly complex and volatile global supply chain requires not only comprehensive AI-powered supply chain software, but also the right talent to plan and forecast requirements using insights garnered from the technology.

To meet these challenges, Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation, has partnered with Kinaxis, a global leader in supply chain management, to launch “Planning-as-a-Service.”

This new service enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of supply chain operations by truly integrating business planning processes. Leveraging Kinaxis’s technology for comprehensive business planning and Capgemini’s proven expertise in service delivery. This partnership aims to streamline complex supply chains, making them more customer-focused and operationally efficient.

There are many benefits of partnering with Kinaxis and Capgemini for Planning-as-a-Service. While specific outcomes are dependent upon company goals and industry benchmarks, general targeted outcomes include:

  • Improved inventory management
  • More efficient use of assets
  • Enhanced forecasting accurate

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To learn more about how our Planning-as-a-Service solution can improve inventory management, boost productivity, and drive more accurate forecasting, contact:

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      Dharmendra Patwardhan

      Global Head of the Intelligent Supply Chain Operations Practice, Business Services
      Dharmendra Patwardhan is responsible for developing offers and capabilities for transforming supply chain operations that drive tangible business outcomes for Capgemini’s clients.

      Jörg Junghanns

      Vice President Europe, Expert in Operations Transformation, Supply Chain Digitalization
      Jörg leverages innovation and a strategic and service mindset to help clients transform their supply chain operations into a growth enabler.