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Order simulation for Automotive ON SAP

Accurately predicting market demand for unique option configurations by vehicle to drive supply chain agility.

A data-driven approach to supply chain management is the strategic way forward for supply chain strategists and planners. Successful supply chain leaders rely on data to effectively manage the demand versus supply equation.

Capgemini’s Order Simulation for Automotive on SAP is an innovative SaaS solution that predicts future configurations for millions of automobiles to be manufactured. This employs a powerful data-driven approach to supply chain management that provides manufacturers and their suppliers with a correct simulation of future sales orders. This tool can also predict parts demand, proactively optimize shopfloor performance, belt cycle and set-up time, determine production strategy, predict potential downtime and so on.

This unique industry cloud solution built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is an easy-to-use simulation tool buddled with predictive analytics capabilities exclusively made for manufactures and their suppliers to make effective supply decisions for future.

Business benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in process cost by efficient forecasting techniques & best practices resulting in reduction of time and effort from weeks to hours​.
  • Improved time to market streamlined prediction of the required parts driving greater agility resulting in delivering right product at the right time​.
  • Data driven decision making on real time insights driving smarter operations and higher levels of innovation ​
  • Enhance customer experience where accurate forecasting helps with faster service and a happy customer​
  • All in all, the tool simplifies the demand supply equation and simulates the impact of business and marketing strategies without the fear of failure.
  • Powered by SAP, Capgemini Order Simulation for Automotive, will provide accurate data to enable you to make effective decisions to drive supply chain agility with improved fulfilment time and reliability resulting in a happy customer.

Meet our experts

Anke Rieche

Global Automotive Program Lead
Anke is a business development expert with 20 years’ experience across software, infrastructure, and consulting. A highly motivated team player with a strong customer-first ethos, Anke has carved a reputation for developing and executing go-to-market concepts, especially around SAP’s S/4 HANA and Intelligent Enterprise platforms, and particularly as they apply to the automotive marketplace. Anke is a firm believer that automotive suppliers and OEM’s can reach new heights in terms of agility and speed by deploying SAP’s Automotive Cloud solutions, including joint developments by SAP and Capgemini and co-innovative solutions with pilot clients.

Hervé Desgouttes

Expert in SAP
Experienced Alliance Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Manufacturing, Account Management, Strategic Alliances, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Solution Selling. Currently focusing on driving business with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Experience solutions.

Maid Jakubović

Supply chain expert, Automotive cloud initiative with SAP
Maid is a managing Business Analyst with more than 15 years’ experience as an automotive industry specialist. He spends most of his time working directly with clients and has a thorough understanding of the automotive business. He believes that the automotive industry is a leader in innovating to address highly competitive and challenging markets and he is a vanguard of creative innovation. He is renowned for his pragmatic, results-focussed style of leadership.

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