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Immersive Smart Service

The development and delivery of new experiences must be consistent with the rest of the customer journey, aligned with company objectives, and cost- and complexity-free in order for aftermarket services to be successful.

With the aim of solving issues quickly, ideally in a single visit, through remote diagnostics, smart preparation, and remote assist services, Capgemini’s Immersive Smart Service Solution empowers brands to seamlessly build, deliver, and enhance immersive smart services throughout the customer and employee journey.

The success of aftermarket services will require organizations to leverage new immersive technologies to build and deliver new experiences, make them consistent with the rest of the customer journey and map them with business goals without adding cost and complexity.

Imagine a technician that arrives on site armed with all the customer information and preferences they need. They greet the customer and complete diagnostics with a handheld device. While AI suggests top probable causes, cognitive assist can identify existing solutions. The FSA can then use MR headsets for a hands-free experience while following the suggested solution steps enabling to solve problems quickly, ideally in a single visit, through remote diagnostics, smart preparation, and remote assist services.

Emerging CX technologies are radically changing the way brands deliver post-sales service engagements to customers. Delivered through flat UI (web 2.0, apps), natural interfaces (voice, haptic), extended reality (3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality) is moving companies forward, towards being smart and immersive.

Introducing Capgemini Immersive Smart Service, this solution brings together end-to-end digital system integration with a customer data hub, e-commerce, CRM, knowledge management and marketing. These services evoke a sense of emotion for both customers and employees.

Capgemini will help organizations implement the immersive Smart Service Platform, automatically pull in customer data from CRM platform and integrate the immersive platform in existing marketing, commerce, and service stack.


  • Increased customer value and loyalty
  • More Upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • More seamless and faster service
  • More engaging employee experience
  • New capabilities to help accomplish tasks remotely, more intelligently and with greater ease
  • Reducing human error
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention – and delivers value for the business.

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