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Enablement as a Service (eaas)

An all-inclusive SAP workforce empowerment solution that promotes long-term end-user adoption

Are you supporting your employees with standard training? Or empowering them in real-time with EaaS-ier enablement?

A recent S&P Global study revealed that close to 80% of organizations surveyed said they have implemented or expanded universal work-from-home policies as a result of COVID-19. While 67% expect these policies to remain in place either permanently or for the long-term, and 50% are likely to be spending more on IT resources – most notably on communication and collaboration technologies.
Enterprises making this switch are facing increased pressure to roll out the necessary strategic initiatives rapidly and continuously for the digital adoption of new remote working models, which go far beyond the traditional programs of upskilling and quarterly or annual trainings. Now, it’s all about “always on” enablement. Enablement is essential for successful solution adoption in a changing landscape.

Exceeding employee experience expectations and delivering meaningful business transformation with Capgemini and SAP Enable Now

We believe the key to successful technology-driven change at work lies in treating employees as customers, focusing on the employee experience when transitioning to a new platform, and understanding that every client’s transformation is at its core a business transformation.

Capgemini’s Enablement-as-a-Service (EaaS) offer with SAP Enable Now satisfies all of the above – and completely transforms the approach to change management for our clients. Essentially, EaaS facilitates your adoption and journey to the renewable enterprise, which is aligned with changing business environment landscapes.

As part of our ADMnext for SAP Solutions offering, EaaS is an all-inclusive ADM SAP integration and empowerment solution that applies a build-to-run approach, which supports your workforce enablement program from go-live to decommissioning by:

  • Aligning with your growing business
  • Increasing IT efficiency and reducing costs
  • Developing a continuous operational efficiency mindset

Capgemini’s EaaS is underpinned by SAP Enable Now. SAP Enable Now is an Enterprise-wide Adoption and Productivity Platform that can bring your employees the real-time knowledge they need to succeed in any application, while improving their productivity and heightening user adoption across your business. And as a strategic SAP partner for close to three decades with about 25,000 practitioners, Capgemini is one of the largest SAP practices in the world – and recently received the SAP® Pinnacle Award in the Partner Learning Excellence category in 2021.

Watch our speaking session from SAP’s Best Practices for Accelerating User Productivity event to learn more about Capgemini’s EaaS offer

Here, Capgemini expert Eric Felix lays out how Cloud technologies and digital experience in everyday life have dramatically changed today’s workforce expectations, along with providing insights into how Capgemini’s EaaS helps clients to:

  • Adapt to changing learning paradigms
  • Facilitate continuous learning
  • Drive end-user adoption all along their Digital Core transformation journey

The full replay of our session – Empowering people in digital transformations: From one-time training to real-time continuous enablement with Capgemini’s EaaSis available here.

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      Eric Felix

      EaaS Offer Lead – Expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation
      As an organization and change management expert with over 20 years of experience in premium consulting firms, I support my clients in their digital business transformations and ensure that company IS solutions act as efficient enablers for the implementation of their business strategies. Central to my success here is the dynamic team of consultants that I am able to mobilize, train, and develop around OCM topics, along with my ability to build solid connections across ecosystems