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Digital SIAM

Unlock the full potential of your multi-provider business ecosystem

Digital Service Integration and Management (SIAM) from Capgemini will accelerate digital transformation and create business value by delivering a dynamic service portfolio, removing duplication across services, helping to take control back from suppliers, creating a plug-and-play integrated supplier model, and providing a modern user experience.

Our global, practical expertise in SIAM has proven effective delivery of comprehensive, and continuous digital business ecosystem transformation, without the disruptions that organizations typically face.

Capgemini’s Digital Service Integration and Management (SIAM) clients have achieved end-to-end customer satisfaction.

    Quadrant Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ for ESM – Services 2023

    Leader across: ESM Consulting Services, ESM Managed Services for Converged IT & Business Ops, and ESM Implementation & Integration Services

    Leader in Avasant’s MSI 2023–2024 RadarView™

    Capgemini received five out of five stars in all these three categories. Practice Maturity, Partner Eco-system, Investments and Innovations

      What we do

      Digital SIAM Co-design and Assessment Consulting

      Strategic consulting engagement used to produce a client specific SIAM roadmap & blueprint using a collaborative methodology

      Digital SIAM Co-design is tailored for customers who are interested in SIAM and struggling with a complex IT ecosystem to manage. This solution ensures that the co-design output is embraced by the customer at the conclusion of the process. 

      Digital SIAM Transformation

      Program of digital transformation projects that deploys modern SIAM services operating model

      Capgemini’s Digital SIAM Transformation includes the implementation, integration, and deployment of a new SIAM operating model complete with a set of specialized SIAM process stacks automated by the SIAM Technology Platform (ServiceNow) and integrated with multiple provider systems using advanced technologies.

      Digital SIAM Run and Evolution Services

      Core SIAM managed services to operate and optimize the customers IT ecosystem functions

      Digital SIAM Run Services can include over 64 discrete functions that integrate ecosystem providers to provide a unified set of IT services to business units balancing the cost efficiency of size and scale with delivering targeted value-based services to each business customer.

      Service Maturity Assessment

      Project which defines gaps in existing operations as compared to Capgemini’s adaptable industry blueprint

      Service Maturity Assessment (SMA) can be used as a first step before Client decides to transform their IT operations to see what areas need to be the main focus for the digital transformation. Capgemini provides recommendations for improvement, a concrete list of actions, and a high-level transformation plan.

      Digital SIAM for Public Sector

      Capgemini’s public sector specific Digital SIAM solutions are proven drivers of government IT effectiveness

      Capgemini’s Public Sector Digital SIAM offer brings flexibility, efficiency, quality, and transparency to government IT operations. Through decades of experience delivering exceptional customer satisfaction to the public sector across the globe, Capgemini has become the industry leader in the complex SIAM ecosystem environment. We are proud of our track record with long-term customers. 

      Digital SIAM Sustainability

      Solution tailored to help CIOs establish a comprehensive sustainability program using the ServiceNow ESG module coupled with Capgemini’s industry-leading Digital SIAM solutions

      The Digital SIAM Sustainability solution provides IT organizations with a strong foundation and a centralized portal to increase IT sustainability across a complex IT ecosystem. This sustainability foundation enables the ongoing expansion and evolution of IT sustainability suited to each customer’s sustainability journey.

      Client stories

      SIAM for the digital age

      Modernize IT services with a service integration and management operating model

      Meet our experts

      David Rudel

      Global Portfolio Lead in ESM Enterprise Service Management /Digital SIAM

      John Pavesi

      Global SIAM Expert

      Hugo Gordillo

      North America SIAM Expert