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Contact center as a service powered by amazon connect

Easy to use, omnichannel cloud-based contact center service that scales to support businesses of any size  

Capgemini provides an end-to-end service and enables our clients to take advantage of Amazon Connect in their enterprise.

  • Cloud-native services that enable omnichannel interactions, chatbots, advanced analytics to understand customer sentiment and improve customer service  
  • Rapidly replacing physical infrastructure as the default technology to run a contact center business 
  • On-demand, serverless approach that removes the need for application development and infrastructure provision 

A secure easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that scales to support any small, medium, or large business. Allows easily integrate third-party services like CRM and enable AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help automate and improve client’s contact center’s efficiency. 

According to a recent research report, moving to an AWS cloud contact center can save up to 30 percent almost immediately. Our next-gen contact center service solution enables you to drive more meaningful, emotive, and frictionless customer relationships with your clients and partners: 

  • Easy to implement – set up an omnichannel contact center in minutes not months and start talking and messaging with customers
  • Scalable – easy to ramp up and down to satisfy changing customer service needs
  • Swift delivery – artificial intelligence and machine learning technology delivers almost instantly with personalized replies to customers
  • Cost effective – pay-as you-go services that don’t require payment for maintenance fees or service charges
  • Omnichannel – a single user interface to create voice or chat interactions
  • Data enabled – harvesting of data related to behavior, voice, customer input, prompts, and queue transfers.

Meet our expert  

Jill Weber

Global Partner Executive, ServiceNow | Group Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships (GSIP)
Jill Weber is a Global Partner Executive in Capgemini’s Group Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, and offer owner of Future Franchise Services. She is dedicated to ServiceNow, supporting partner offer development and solutions on platform, bringing together the breadth of Capgemini’s practical industry experience, the right mix of people, and the processes and operational knowledge to address customer issues at a global scale.