Connected Marketing at High-Velocity

In today’s disrupted banking market, traditional marketing models are no longer working. Marketing needs to be agile – and it needs to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale.

CMOs in the banking industry today are facing unprecedented challenges. Customers’ demands are shifting, markets are becoming more uncertain, and budget pressures are growing.

Work with us to bring your marketing campaigns into the digital age and keep pace with your customer demands.

With Capgemini’s Connected Marketing at High-Velocity, you can build a resilient, scalable and data-driven marketing organization that delivers a better customer experience and increases your return on investment (ROI).

How we do it

Create high impact marketing strategies that reveal evolving customer needs and business opportunities, and that take advantage of emerging technologies

Experience strategy:
• Business scenario planning (market, customers, competition)
• Business case development and KPI definition
• Customer segmentation & persona development personalization strategy
Content strategy:
• Conversion funnel analysis
• Technology platform(s) selection
Experience design:
• Omni-channel campaign design
• Journey mapping
Organization and change management:
• Forward-looking marketing organization design
• Business processes definition
• Change integration
• Capability assessments

Deliver hyper-personalized customer journeys with actionable marketing insights, execute at speed, and scale while optimizing costs.

Cross-sell, loyalty and offer management
Marketing content and automation:
• Building and migrating sites
• Tag management
• Smart assets
Internal agency model:
• Cost transformation across content, data, campaign, creatives, analytics and reporting
Data-driven personalization:
• Behavioural analytics to improve conversions
• Improved organic customer acquisition through listings, Intent pages and enterprise cognitive search using knowledge graphs
Cookieless marketing:
• Strategy, architecture and implementation: get future-ready and address customer privacy
Performance measurement and optimization:
• Marketing analytics and reporting
• Challenger platforms and touchpoint optimization
Customer data platforms:
• Unified customer data for personalized marketing experiences across channel
Marketing attributions:
• Identifying, collecting, harnessing and distributing insights across the organization

Client stories


      Ame Stuart

      Vice President, Banking & Capital Markets, Market Development,Financial Services

      Holly Schalow

      Expert in Enterprise Solutions, Financial Services