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Meet your connected citizen.

Today’s citizens and businesses demand an always-on, relevant, and consistent government experience. They expect a retail-grade, multi-channel experience that is just as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to.

Service agents too want to work for organizations able to equip them with the digital tools, information, and support they need to deliver an efficient, consistent, and personalized service.

The challenge

The challenge for governments is how best to use digital to meet these needs, whilst reducing operational costs and lowering the cost to serve in the face of ongoing budgetary constraints – all without compromising on internal work conditions and the citizen experience.

An end-to-end citizen-centric solution

Capgemini’s Citizen Services Solution (CSS) with Pega can help. It enables you to deliver more efficient services to your constituents, whether citizens or businesses. CSS is a pre-assembled, omni-channel, front-end to back-end platform that incorporates Pegasystems’ case management and AI-enabled process automation capabilities to simplify constituent connections. With CSS, you will make every citizen request more efficient via digital pathways.

Achieve operational and constituent experience objectives

CSS targets business critical objectives for achieving operational excellence, making informed and insights-led decisions, and enabling a seamless connected constituent experience. These are consistent across all areas of government:

  • Civic services (citizen-facing functions and operational activities) – providing citizens with a prompt, personalized service, and access to money/benefits wherever they are, and through the channel of their choice. Service agents have the tools they need for multi-channel engagement and are empowered to work quickly, freeing up time to spend with people who need it
  • Central government (non-citizen-facing functions and operational activities) – enabling employees to perform regulatory tasks and activities more quickly and efficiently with the information and tools they need, therefore improving productivity and enhancing the workplace experience.

At Capgemini, we recognize that each department of government has its own mission, and that digital plays a distinctive role for each. It’s not one size fits all. The marketplace provides wide-ranging examples of the outcomes and use cases for implementing a unified omni-channel IT platform incorporating dynamic case management in government, including the following:

  • Pension and insurance
  • Defense and justice
  • Revenue and regulatory
  • Employment and social security
  • Healthcare and research
  • Grants management

A better citizen experience journey and agent efficiency

Capgemini and Pegasystems have been partnering to deliver market-leading solutions that solve our joint clients’ customer experience business issues for more than ten years. With Pegasystems’ compelling technology platform integrated seamlessly into both customer channels and back-office technologies, Capgemini’s consulting and applications expertise helps government agencies quickly tap into the “Power of Pega” to drive digital transformation

Together, we underpin digital transformation. With smart digital government processes and automation, a true 360° view of the constituent, and a range of business rules and analytics, our clients reduce their operational costs and provide a seamless service across multiple channels. Tailored routing strategies for each citizen request or segment will ensure you deliver personalized constituent services.

An affordable and agile response to change

With the knowledge that few governments have the capacity – or budget – to bring about instant change, CSS supports incremental digital transformation of constituent services in a solution that utilizes foundational legacy systems. Put simply, existing IT investments are utilized rather than thrown away.

It also supports the agile and rapid rollout of new service programs as services can be added iteratively to current systems one request at a time, and can be easily designed around emerging legislation.

Finally – and crucially for governments – CSS connects the information and processes residing in existing IT investments in a “wrap & renew” strategy to reduce the overall investment required for this digital transformation. This increases the agility of legacy systems and ensures that government bodies keep pace with rapidly changing legislation.