DevOps QA: Increasing Speed and Quality

The continuous demand for new and improved IT solutions by end-users and customers at an ever-increasing speed has forced enterprises to embrace Agile, and DevOps (Development and Operations) methodology.

DevOps has become extremely popular with organizations and as many as 67% of all the World Quality Report 2015-16 respondents are using DevOps, which is based on two principles:

  • Collaboration and industrialization leveraging highly automated approaches to deploy solutions that evolve as fast as the business needs it
  • A team centric ethos that tears down traditional silos to drive agility and service delivery excellence across the entire lifecycle

However, the four key aspects mentioned below must be made part of the DevOps process, teams and infrastructure in order to achieve DevOps with the appropriate and fit-for-purpose level of quality:

  • Implementing an integrated DevOps Quality Approach
  • Assigning the role of DevOps Quality Engineer to DevOps teams
  • Providing a coherent yet easily adaptable DevOps Quality Automation Framework
  • Providing a one-click DevOps Test Environment and Test Data solution to teams

Capgemini being a global leader in the DevOps QA and Testing space, enables its clients to immediately achieve the right level of quality outcomes from DevOps engagements by:

  • Maximizing the automation level of required quality validation checks
  • Automatic optimization of test sets and quality checks
  • One-click provisioning of virtualized test environment and test data solutions
  • Integrating DevOps quality approach and DevOps quality engineers in your  DevOps teams
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring solutions

Our integrated DevOps QA Solutions and Services

QA Transformation

Dev QA Solutions

Ops QA Solutions

  • DevOps Quality Blueprint
  • DevOps QA Business case
  • Integrated Devops QA platform
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Test Automation
  • DevOps QA Engineering
  • PerformanceTest as a Service
  • Security Test as a Service
  • Cloud based Test Environments
  • Service Virtualization
  • Test Data Virtualization
  • Production Quality Monitoring
  • Predictive QA Analytics
  • Cognitive QA Automation

Powered by assets &

Powered by assets &

Powered by assets &

  • DevOps QBP
  • DevOps QA Business case model
  • DevOps QA Toolkit with TMap HD
  • TDD with Junit, xUnti
  • BDD with Cucumber, JBehave, BeHat
  • CIA: Continuous Integration Automation
  • T-Shaped testers toolkit
  • VTF Performance Test Lab
  • VTF Security Test Lab
  • OneShare, powered by Azure and HPE
  • TDM Central and Test Data Generator
  • HPE, CA Lisa, Parasoft,
  • CAFÉ with UFT, QTP, Selenium, IBM
  • TMCC connected to IMTS systems
  • Dynatrace
  • HPE Predictive Analyzer
  • AutoHub

We commit to key enablers that help to achieve the promise of DevOps and Agile:

  • 30% ROI on QA activities
  • 30% Time-to-market improvement
  • 98% Deployment predictability
  • 30% Throughput improvement

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